Selected Works

Panel Appearances

  • Northeast Trek Con 2018 (Northeast Trek Con)
    • “The Evolution of Rom” with Max Grodénchik (mod)
    • “Women and Star Trek” with Nicole deBoer, Leslie Hoffman and Chase Masterson
    • “Toxic Fandom”
  • “Cosplay on a Budget”, CumberCon 2018 (Cumberland Public Library)
  • “The Herstory of Fandom: What We Lose When We Forget the Past”, Ladies Con 2018 (Ladies Con)
  • “Shakespeare and Star Trek” with Mary Chieffo, Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 (Creation Entertainment)
  • WisCon 42, 2018 (WisCon)
    • Star Trek: DISCO (mod)
    • Tasha Yar: Potential Unrealized
    • Bisexual Representation in Film and TV
    • Themes of The Last Jedi
    • The Defenders
  • “Games without Gates”, PAX East 2018 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Seeing Past the Screen: Transforming Technology into a Tool for Learning”, Minds in Motion, 2018 (Connecticut Association for the Gifted)
  • “Man as Machine: Androids & Cyborgs in Literature”, Escape Velocity 2017 (Museum of Science Fiction)
  • “The Association between Depression and Trouble Sleeping.”, Wesleyan Summer Research Poster Session 2017 (Wesleyan University)
  • Wiscon 41, 2017 (WisCon)
    • Rebel Scum: Finding Hope in Resistance (mod)
    • HBO’s Westworld—A Spoilerful Panel (mod)
    • Destroy the Myth of the Traditional Family (mod)
    • #inhonorofcarrie: Carrie Fisher and Mental Illness
  • “Gaming with Your Kids”, PAX East 2017 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Trek Talks: An Examination of Literature and Star Trek“, Mission New York 2016 (Reed Exhibitions)
  • “Shakespeare and Star Trek”, 50 Year Mission Tour Cherry Hill, 2017 (Creation Entertainment)
  • Wiscon 40, 2016 (WisCon)
    • The Fandom Awakens
    • Why Did We Have To Fight For Rey Star Wars Toys? (mod)
    • Is Rey a Mary Sue? (mod)
  • “Star Trek: Voyager, Twenty Years Later” (mod), Wiscon 39, 2015 (WisCon)
  • “The Carol Corps and the Changing Face of Fandom” Geek Girl Con 2014 (GeekGirlCon)
  • “Ready-to-Wear Fandom Fashion!”, Anime Boston 2014 (New England Anime Society)
  • “Ready-to-Wear Superhero Fashion” Geek Girl Con 2013 (GeekGirlCon)
  • “Follow the White Rabbit”, Wesleyan University 2013 (Alpha Delta Fi Society)

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