B’Elanna Pancakes

B'elanna Torres
Extreme Risk

I’m rewatching Star Trek: Voyager from a B’Elanna Torres perspective.

B’Elanna is arguably the most mis-used character in all of Trek. And at the same time, the most true to life. B’Elanna’s personality sometimes seems to be altered with each new season, or even episode, but what “real person” do you know to be as static as the Enterprise, and to a lesser extent the Voyager, crews? B’Elanna is as confused and ever-evolving as the rest of us. She is perpetually lost and she is perpetually reinventing herself. She is not at peace with the two sides of her ancestry, afraid of both her angry Klingon side and her vulnerable Human side and equally afraid to accept that they are one and the same…that the only disparity that exists between her halves is of her own creation because in fact, she is whole. B’Elanna gains confidence in her abilities as a direct result of her status as Chief Engineer and over the course of the series she bonds with the senior staff and finds true friends…family. Yet she remains angry and vulnerable. Strong and fragile. Passionate and numb. Frightened and lost. Never secure, never comfortable in her own skin. Always changing, always seeking, always yearning to be more…better….Nowhere, No One, Nothing….Everyone.

Season One

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