B’Elanna Pancakes Guide

I’m rewatching Star Trek: Voyager from a B’Elanna Torres perspective.

B'Elanna Torres

Episode Guide

Summary: summarizes the basic action of the episode
Grade: my personal grade on a scale of A (exceptional) to F (failure)

B’Elanna Summary: summarizes B’Elanna’s storyline in the episode
B Grade: my personal grade of B’Elanna’s story

B-isms: a quote from the episode, either by or about B’Elanna

Klingon Proverb: any nuggets about B’Elanna’s Klingon side/upbringing or in some rare cases Klingon culture

Faces: any instances of B’Elanna’s self-hatred or self-destructive behavior, and her general psychological profile

Pancakes: any lessons B’Elanna learned or taught

Voyagers: the status of B’Elanna’s various relationships

Did a machine try to kill B’Elanna? This happens too often.

Etc. Anything I want to say, related to B’Elanna or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Voyager? This article does a good job of explaining why Voyager is the best. Voyager is my favorite because it’s about misfits who become family.

Why B’Elanna? I love B’Elanna. She’s just the kind of super earnest, self-destructive heroine I (over)relate to. A study in contrasts, B’Elanna spends her time on Voyager learning to accept herself. It’s a coming of age story for an adult and I respond very positively to that.

Why pancakes? In the episode Extreme Risk B’Elanna asks Neelix to make her banana pancakes. He’s never heard of them so she explains:

My grandmother used to make them for me when I was a kid. It’s always put a smile on my face.

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