B’elanna/Geordi, for an engineering match made in space!

As I mention here, I really don’t ship Geordi with anyone, and B’Elanna is a character I strongly identify with so this is especially Not My Thing. 

They are both better at engineering than interpersonal relationships, so if it happened I do see it going colleagues to friends to lovers. I feel a lot of things would have to be different in order for it to happen though. 

They meet at a conference where they are both presenting. Post-Voyager, post-Nemesis. Geordi is particularly lonely due to the loss of Data, B’Elanna is having more trouble adjusting to life in the AQ than she wants to admit. She doesn’t know where she fits in. On Earth things are stable and she has time to think, which makes it harder because she hasn’t had that in….ever? She’s married into Starfleet royalty and has a kid, none of which she ever imagined, and she’s overwhelmed. Chakotay is teaching. Tom followed Janeway to the admiralty, works as her aide. B’Elanna works with Harry at HQ – a temporary assignment but one that doesn’t seem to have an end date, and he figures out she’s spiraling and suggests the conference. Discussing robotics with peers, as opposed to dealing with Starfleet regulations, her new extended family, and a toddler, will be good for her. 

Post presentations they end up at a bar, both avoiding the crowd, and start to discuss their work. They disagree about something, and their conversation gets very heated. Eventually B’Elanna’s like, I came here to relax! and storms off and Geordi runs after her and apologizes and wants to make it up to her, and she’s like it’s fine, but I want to be alone, and Geordi says, I don’t. And there’s something in the way he says it that makes her pause and he says Data was supposed to be here with him, and B’Elanna’s like UGH I don’t want this but Tom, Chakotay, Harry, Janeway, Tuvok…everyone would stay so she stays. 

They get a booth in the back and order food. Geordi doesn’t want to talk about Data so they talk about Voyager. B’Elanna opens up to him as she hasn’t to anyone since she got back. Sometimes a stranger is easier to talk to. She starts slow, but she’s really needed this, and eventually she’s admitting – upon threat of dismemberment should he repeat it to anyone – that she hates Earth and misses the Delta Quadrant. Voyager, while lost, was the only place she ever felt she belonged. She has a great life and she should be happy but she’s not. She’s lonely and angry and resentful and ashamed. 

And Geordi doesn’t know what to do with this, but he does his best to be supportive. And it is fumbling and awkward and B’Elanna says Ha ha, you remind me of Harry. And Geordi looks blank and B’Elanna starts telling him how Harry has been so great, and so has Geordi, and they should be friends, maybe even date that would be cute. She’s a little loopy at this point. And Geordi is all, Ha ha, thanks I guess? But if I was gonna date anyone on Voyager it would be you! And she’s like whoa boundaries, don’t make this weird! And he says Sorry! And they start to laugh in order not to cry but it doesn’t work and then they are both simultaneously laughing and crying in a corner booth of some hotel bar surrounded by their peers and they run away and Geordi doesn’t know where to go, just that they need to escape, and they end up in his room. 

B’Elanna collapses on his bed. Geordi paces in a tizzy. He has a probably drunk, definitely depressed, married, klingon half-sobbing in his bed? He gets her a drink of water. B’Elanna sits up to drink it and meets his eyes over the glass and says, You know if I wanted to ruin my perfect life sleeping with you would be one way to do it. And Geordi’s like …..??? And a tear slips out of her eye and Geordi swallows and says, I think we should call Harry. And B’Elanna nods and curls into a ball and Geordi asks the computer to locate Harry Kim and tells him, um, I’m with Lt. Torres and she kind of had a breakdown and Harry’s been expecting this tbh and he arrives asap. 

And Harry gathers her up and says he’s here to help and everything will be fine now, and B’Elanna agrees to go with him. Harry thanks Geordi and then B’Elanna tells him, hey I still want to hear about Data, and also I have some ideas about synthetic synapses I want to run by you and Geordi is amazed that after all that she remembers? And she hugs him and he whispers, Boundaries, and she laughs. She goes home and tells Harry the truth, and Tom, and things get better. 

She contacts Geordi a few weeks later and they meet for lunch and talk about synthetic synapses and they start to collaborate and become good friends. Eventually Geordi and Harry start dating, and they are godparents to Miral’s little brother. 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it /write a scenario

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