STAR WARS >> A Song of Ice and Fire AU

Mad King Sidious still sits the Iron Throne.

It’s been twenty years since Lord Qui-Gon Jinn of Winterfell, Lord Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Eyrie, and Lord Bail Organa of Storm’s End flew their banners against the Mad King, and lost.

It’s been twenty years since Prince Anakin vanished — presumed dead, defeated by his friend-turned-enemy, Lord Kenobi.

It’s been twenty years since Princess Ahsoka fled across the Narrow Sea, to faraway lands, to self-exile, fearing her father’s wrath after pledging her support to the failed rebellion.

No one knows what, precisely, triggered the rebellion. No one knows what occurred between Lord Kenobi and Prince Anakin to make them enemies. No one knows what happened to Lady Padmé of Highgarden. Under the Mad King’s rule, no one dares to ask.

Though protected by his loyal Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Vader (whose face none have laid eyes on), and staunchly supported by Lord Tarkin of Casterly Rock, Sidious’ legacy is meaningless without heirs.

Lord Bail Organa understands this and bides his time. He readies his men to someday rise again. He can wait. When Lady Mothma of Highgarden steps into her father’s role, he senses a shift in the winds. Mothma no longer supports the ruler in King’s Landing as her father once did, and Bail knows she hopes to avenge her beloved sister, Padmé. Behind the flowered walls of the well-renowned garden, Mothma enlists the help of Ser Draven and begins to raise an army.

To put a final end to murmurs of rebellion, Sidious greenlights a plan guaranteed to keep the Seven Kingdoms under his thumb. Lord Tarkin both funds the project and tasks his maester, Orson Krennic, to oversee it. Facing a dead end, Maester Krennic seeks his former peer, Galen Erso, who left the Citadel years ago to marry Lady Lyra of Riverrun. When Galen refuses, Krennic convinces Tarkin to lay siege to Riverrun. In the ensuing battle, Lady Lyra is killed, Galen is captured, and their missing daughter presumed dead.

Lord Bail’s time to revolt finally comes years later, when a sailor flees Lannisport bearing a grave message. Upon hearing of it, Lady Mothma and Ser Draven send his best knight, Ser Cassian Andor, to locate the message. Taken in by the volatile Saw Gerrera and his Brotherhood Without Banners, the sailor is unreachable — until Ser Cassian tracks down the long-lost Lady Jyn of Riverrun and convinces her to help. The rebellion is then horrified to learn of Sidious’ devastating secret: a seemingly infinite store of weaponised wildfire. Lady Jyn and Ser Cassian lead a mission to infiltrate Casterly Rock and steal the schematics for this weapon in hopes of uncovering a way to combat it.

Hiding in a small boat in Lannisport harbor, Lady Leia of Storm’s End is ready to retrieve the plans. Her attempt to flee Tarkin’s ships forces her north, and a terrible storm carries her even further adrift, until she finds herself far beyond the Neck, further North than she’s ever imagined. With no other choice, Leia heads to the Wall, to Castle Black, where her father has promised her she can find his old friend, Lord Kenobi.

Far away, beyond the Narrow Sea, the Dothraki Sea, and the Red Waste, another force rises. The wind carries whispers: Princess Ahsoka lives and plots to depose her father once and for all. Rumors burn hotter than wildfire: the princess has tamed three dragons, and she’s finally set her sights on Westeros. Whether she’ll ally with Bail’s rebellion remains to be seen.

Luke Snow knows little of the political machinations playing out in the lands far south of his home. All he knows is the hardship of winter on his aunt and uncle’s farm outside Winterfell. He longs to take the black and join his friends on the Wall; the Night’s Watch is said to be the most noble of callings. Yet his aunt and uncle refuse. “Your father was defeated in combat,” they tell him. “Farming is safer.” “Just till the end of the season.” All too soon, his wishes are realized. Though the Night’s Watch meets few of his expectations, he finds a mentor in the Lord Commander Ben Kenobi, who discovers an even greater evil than Mad King Sidious festering far beyond the Wall.

When the cold winds of the North fling rumors of both Leia and Ahsoka at his door, piling like drifting snow, Ben Kenobi must face a harsh truth: the prophecy Prince Anakin believed in is true, and now his sister and his children must rise above the game of thrones and meet their destiny in a song of ice and fire.

A new hope is coming.

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