Neville would never. I know it seems like the other way. But Draco, despite his privileged upbringing and secure family attachments (or because of, in that he has certain expectations for relationships that are not met at school because he’s friends with sycophants), has self-esteem issues that manifest in both his arrogance and his desperation to prove himself. Neville may be awkward and shy and easy to dismiss or offend, but he is a straight shooter with a good heart who does right more than wrong and is ultimately judged on his merits. Neville has real friends. Harry likes him. Draco would for two reasons: to try and figure out what Neville has that he doesn’t, and to feel superior, to prove that the answer to the first reason is nothing.

But Neville doesn’t play that. Neville doesn’t give in to bullies or allow himself to be taken advantage of. He wouldn’t trust Draco’s intentions and he would be right not to.

Post-series, when Neville and Draco are both more secure in themselves, I can see them being friendly, and even friends. But I don’t think Neville would ever trust Draco enough for an honest and equal romance.

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