Everyday Cosplay!

I love clothes. I love to play with clothes. I love to make a statement with clothes. And I love to dress up. Last year I moved to a new home so I had to pack up my entire wardrobe. I took the opportunity to weed out anything that wasn’t either indicative of a character or something I considered part of my own personal character design. This way, in theory, I can practice everyday cosplay every day.

And you can follow along! I’m posting pics to instagram, flickr, and twitter.

Everyday cosplay is the simplest form of character inspired fashion. Here’s me in the style of Frozen‘s Anna:

I am not mimicking Anna’s outfits in the film, I am simply inspired by them. Today I am Allison Cameron of House:

Cameron is one of my absolute favourite characters in the history of television (that I’ve seen) and I love her youthful and girly style of dress. I’ve considered this a “Cameron” blouse as long as I’ve owned it. And this particular look has another layer: the thimble and the skull and crossbones on my shoes belong to Peter Pan’s Wendy.

a still of House featuring Cameron and House

If House is Peter Pan (which, he is) Cameron is Wendy. No, I haven’t forgotten Cuddy: Cuddy is clearly Captain Hook. And Wilson is Tinker Bell. Thirteen is Jane and everybody else is a Lost Boy. Obviously.

Anyway, if YOU ever practice everday cosplay, please let me know! I’ve created a Flickr Group or you may find me on twitter, tumblr, or by email.

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