Kes and Harry Kim

Fun fact! Another fan and I started a shipper site for them back in the day. I was really into it, made a bunch of (terrible) graphics and started a bunch of stories. But my enthusiasm was tempered when I discovered my partner had the idea because she was disgusted by the popularity of the Paris/Kim ship which she saw as ‘a sin against God’. I, along with one other fan (we’d all three started chatting through the J/P site), tried to convince her homosexuality is not a sin.  She was super sheltered and her family were religious extremists. None of our data, history, personal anecdotes, or fic recs got through to her and eventually she just stopped responding to our emails. I don’t know what happened to her. I don’t remember her name, only that she was 17 at the time and I was pretty heartbroken about the whole thing. We’d been conversing for maybe a year before this happened and I was shocked to learn she was so adamantly homophobic. She was this really sweet, nice, girl who loved Voyager. She reminded me of me. 

So anyway, our site was called the KiosK but it was shuttered pretty much before it got off the ground because of this falling out. I’m sorry to start my answer with this sad story but it’s PRIDE month and these interactions are why that’s important. 

Kes and Harry Kim would be a great couple. And I know exactly where I’d start it. In the second season episode “Parturition”, Tom and Neelix get into a fight over Kes so Janeway sends them on a mission together to bond and the shuttle crashes. Kes and Harry have a scene that goes like this:


Tom and Neelix return, of course, and are now the best of friends. Neither ever asks Kes what she wants and neither apologizes for anything that happens. I would love to believe that Harry does – he asks after her, asks her how she feels, and what she wants, and tells her he’s sorry she’s going though it. He gives her what she needs and deserves: validation and a shoulder to cry on. A friend. 

Tom confesses his crush on Kes to Harry, and Kes is still committed to Neelix, so at this point all he would be comfortable being is a friend. But they could definitely develop feelings for each other. And after she breaks up with Neelix, while Tom is getting closer to B’Elanna, I can absolutely see them spending more and more time together and slowly discovering those feelings and finally acting on them. And it makes her exit that much more bittersweet. 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it and/or write a scenario/give you a series rundown of my headcanons

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