Pas De Deux, a Jedi Dance Academy AU (Part 5 of 7)

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Padmé drew her hands through his hair and down his shoulders with gentle grace, coming to rest at his heart as the last notes played and the light cut out.

Anakin dropped his hands in frustration. “Something is still missing.”

Padmé drew back with a sigh. The showcase was just over a week away, and they were on stage for a tech run that had drawn out nearly an hour past their scheduled time. She was tired, and thirsty, and impatient to leave the spotlight, but Anakin was dissatisfied with absolutely everything.

“The story isn’t getting across.”

Padmé tugged her sweater over her hands. “Maybe this is just part of the story,” she murmured.

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That chapter is amazing. I already liked the story quite a bit, but I really love it now.

The characters are IC despite the AU setting, and Anakin is SO touching, particularly in this chapter (though it might be because I am a little overly emotional today, I almost cried with him). And the discussion with Obi-Wan about believing in his potential/him was on point — I’m not sure I’ve seen that expressed this well in any other fic. AND the end of the chapter with the last minute addition of “episode II”… A Star Wars AU that breaks the walls to call for the external structure of canon… That was amazing !

This review fills me with SUCH JOY. I struggled to write this chapter because it is so emotional, for Anakin and so for me, and I am so pleased it was worth it and that what I wanted in the relationships came across. And gah, that they are recognizable despite the setting, and that you appreciate the metatextual nods to canon, you have no idea how happy (and relieved) I am to read that. 

I hoped that people were enjoying reading it as much as I’m enjoying thinking about it (I have so many plot bunnies past the story I started!) but you never know so really, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU for this. 

Well, thank you for the story and taking the time to answer to this comment. ^^

So… You mean it won’t be over when it’s over? Will there be a sequel?

I mean that I have IDEAS. Here are a few possible continuations/additions I’ve imagined:

  • Anakin loses his arm, becomes a disabled dancer
  • (Because ‘these ballerinas are actually spies’ — e.g. Black Widow — is one of my all time favorite tropes) Jedi is secretly a covert organization connected to the government and upon joining the company Anakin is recruited to spy on suspected terrorist Ambassador Palpatine
  • Mandalore is a rival dance company (they’re coming to the Showcase), so a fluffy exploration of Obi-Wan’s past as a young dancer who fell in love and/or their reconnection in the present (this can also tie into the disabled Anakin fic if I use Daisy’s backstory from Benjamin Button for Satine— Daisy is a ballerina who becomes a teacher after injury and she is played by Cate Blanchett)
  • I have fallen in love with Artoo and Ahsoka as a couple so a cute little side story about that
  • Flash forward to Luke and Leia’s first dance class — Cody as TA the way Anakin is his (I realize it should be Rex, but Cody made more sense personality wise for the initial fic so that’s how it is) 
  • Dance therapy for Finn

And I wish I could draw because I desperately want art (if I can I’ll commission). 

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