au where Anakin is Mace Windu’s padawan

Anakin bit his lip, afraid to ask, but needing to know. “Master? Why didn’t you want me to be a Jedi?”

Mace gave the boy, his student for nearly a year, a measured look. “I was afraid.”

“Of me?” Anakin’s voice trembled despite his best efforts. Master Windu wasn’t afraid of anything. “What’s wrong with me?”

Mace shook his head. “You reminded me of someone I didn’t want to remember.”

Anakin looked at the floor, his shoulders tight with anger, fear, shame, and his determination not to show them. “A Sith,” he guessed.

Mace placed a hand on his wayward padawan’s shoulder. “Myself,” he explained. “Before I learned to trust the Force.”

Anakin raised wide eyes to his master’s, flashing with a hundred questions, but he could articulate none. Mace pat his shoulder, once, and let go.

“You will be a Jedi. I promise.”

#[*screams*] #ok everyone buckle up #because this blog loves mace windu like it loves the roman legal system #critically yet with extreme respect and adoration #(as in – will jump put of the window for) #and i was thinking about this #because holy shit ‘anakin is mace’s padawan’ is everything #because i am right here with my ‘mace windu represents the best of the jedi order’ flag #but first of all imagine #qui-gon guilt trips the council in a slightly different direction #then obi-wan is there in his ‘i need an adulter adult for this’ state #and mace goes ‘ok wtf. if we are bringing in a long term time bomb into the temple i might as well keep an eye on it myself #see what’s up with the ‘chosen one’ and if anything can be done to set this right’ #and then well the above slow ‘teacher learns as much from his student’ redemption arc happens #and there is honestly no one better to deal with all the rage and grief inside anakin than mace #because first of all firm emotional boundaries #(at which obi-wan whom we all love and who is guilt ridden on four different levels is horrible) #and then learning that the mess inside of you is not a thing you need to run from or repress but can fall into your hand as a weapon #and be a source of peace at the same time #=> vapaad #because anakin has three things which are very right within him – extreme sense of compassion; justice; and an inner fire #the will to help ultimately #it is what makes an outmost jedi #and he failed ultimately in not being attached to people but in wanting to control other people’s emotional attachments to him #( ok dammit i still haven’t read the shatterpoint novel) #but none of the above would equally go smoothly #and the codependency is there as a part #and i desperately want mace to be a part of anakin’s padme-ashoka-palpatine system of valued people #because the friendships and the understandings and the standoffs would be so interesting and so different #because we would basically replace a problematic empath (obi-wan) with someone with a steel ethical compass (via rex-sidereus)

I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback on this post in tags but @rex-sidereus​‘s  #and i desperately want mace to be a part of anakin’s padme-ashoka-palpatine system of valued people  quite honestly shot me through the heart

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