Padme Defence Squad 2K Followers Theme Week 

In honor of our 2000 follower milestone, @padmedefencesquad will be hosting a week devoted to our leading lady Padme Amidala from August 14-20!

We will be thrilled to see your Padme themed creations. All content is welcome as long as it is not denigrating of any minority groups, including respecting Natalie Portman’s real life Israeli Jewish heritage! Please tag us and include #padme defence squad in your first five tags.

Our theme week will be as follows:

Day 1: Monday, August 14: Force Sensitive Padme

Day 2: Tuesday, August 15: Alternate Ships (Ships other than Anidala!)

Day 3: Wednesday, August 16: Queenhood (what was Padme’s life like as Queen of
Naboo, or modern/historical AUs featuring Padme as a Queen in our world)

Day 4: Thursday, August 17: Dark Side Padme

Day 5: Friday, August 18: Other Jobs AUs (if Padme weren’t a politician, what would
she be?)

Day 6: Saturday, August 19: Padme Lives AUs (canon compliant up until the end of Revenge of the Sith)

Day 7: Sunday, August 20: Creator’s Choice (all is welcome!)

On behalf of the @padmedefencesquad team, we are so grateful to all of our amazing followers and look forward to celebrating with you!

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