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Season 4A: Storybrooke is Frozen
A Tale of Two Sisters: Fake out!
White Out: I have so many questions
Rocky Road: A shady queen, a lying liar, Emma’s feelings, and Regina’s sass
The Apprentice: We all live in Disney World
Breaking Glass: My teen AU Swan Queen fanfic come to life
Family Business: #OnceIsFrozen in more ways than one
The Snow Queen: Continuity be damned
Smash the Mirror: Some things have been bothering me
Fall: At least the only pretended to fridge Anna
Shattered Sight: I miss Ruby
Heroes and Villains: I made this episode up with my brain


Season 4B: Queens of Darkness
Darkness on the Edge of Town: Love darkness, hate the Dark One
Unforgiven: Snow talks for four hours and says nothing
Enter the Dragon: I’m playing the villain, baby. Just like you want.
Poor Unfortunate Soul
  • recap
Best Laid Plans: teen Emma’s girlfriend is teen Regina’s girlfriend’s daughter
Heart of Gold: What is going ON?
Sympathy for the De Vil: A Cinderella tale with a Black Widow twist
Lily: About me
Mother: Mommy issues unite us all. Or something.
Operation Mongoose: Canon fanfiction
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