Pixie recaps Storybrooke

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Season 3A: Neverland
The Heart of the Truest Believer: It’s hard to be an adult in Neverland
Lost Girl: Layers and layers of Emotional Manipulation
Quite a Common Fairy: Rumplestiltskin and Neal are both basically horrible people
Nasty Habits
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Good Form: Blue Satin Bow
Ariel: I can’t stand Neal but Jennifer Morrison cries beautifully
Dark Hollow: The Hipsters are coming
Think Lovely Thoughts: Too bad this show has as low an opinion of adoptive mothers as it does teen girls who choose adoption
Save Henry: Regina’s journey to parenthood
The New Neverland: Sex now?
Going Home: Brb crying forever


Season 3B: Oz
New York City Serenade: Technically nothing is real
Witch Hunt: And all of Swan Queen Nation collectively had a heart attack
The Tower: Charming’s default mood is confused
Quiet Minds: Neal deserves better tbh
It’s Not Easy Being Green: What if Kal-El was raised by the Dursleys?
The Jolly Roger: The adventures of the pirate and the mermaid
Bleeding Through: Regina and Snow 5EVA
A Curious Thing: Emma is a brat, Outlaw Queen is ON, and the plot is explained to everyone Dumbledore style
Kansas: So Many Dumb Decisions (and a Baby)
Snow Drifts / There’s No Place Like Home: Back to the future
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