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Season Two
The 37s: Straight up Amelia Earhart fanfiction
Initiations: Chakotay has daddy issues
Projections: The Doctor’s first identity crisis
Elogium: A Very Special Episode about teen pregnancy
Non Sequitur: Harry Kim loves Tom Paris more than he misses home
Twisted: Shippy ship shipping games
Parturition: Oh so high school
Persistence of Vision: Monsters from the Id
Tattoo: Chakotay has daddy issues, part 2 (Happy Thanksgiving)
Cold Fire: Kes is Jean Grey
Maneuvers: Chakotay has daddy issues, part 3 (Seska strikes back)
Resistance: And now we pause progress of plot for Joel Grey
Prototype: Fifty shades of tin
Alliances: Poor decision theater
Threshold: Almost too absurd for captions (dedicated to jenneany)
Meld: Tuvok has a bad day
Dreadnought: B’Elanna is too smart for her own good (dedicated to @LorrieSea)
Death Wish: Q and Janeway Meet Cute
Lifesigns: The Doctor falls in love
Investigations: the best thing Neelix ever does probably
Deadlock: the preview said someone’s gonna die
Innocence: Tuvok’s adventures in babysitting
The Thaw: Janeway is a Badass Bitch
Tuvix: brb sobbing
Resolutions: Janeway and Chakotay’s Log Cabin Adventures (dedicated to breezybee)
Basics, Part One: Chakotay’s Daddy Issues take over the ship



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