Reasons the Jedi Should End 14/?

Under Yoda’s direction, they conceal information from the senate. 

ABOUT HYPOCRISY!!! The Order can help the slaves, can’t do anything about the
corruption in the Senate and CAN allow a creep old man they don’t particular
trust or like to have unsupervised time with a little boy because they serve
the Senate and they MUST obey the Senate.

when an entire army in created right under their noses by their main enemy,
they go like “nah, let’s not tell anyone” because it makes them look weak (and incompetent).
For a little green troll that live to belittle scared children in the name of honesty,
Yoda, you shady %$#@!

The Jedi
Order greatest mistake was how much faith they put on Yoda. If Yoda hadn’t been
there to tell Obi-wan to NOT become Anakin’s friend and to tell Mace Windu to keep
this secret, the Jedi would’ve been fine.

What’s worse is, not only did they conceal that they didn’t know about the creation of the clone army in order to preserve their rep as all knowing, they also didn’t even bother to investigate it themselves. If Mace Windu had gone to the Senate liked he wanted, they might have actually managed to foil some of Palpatine’s plans. 

thewillowbends said: This also highlights the problem of a powerful religious organization serving as political enforcement for a secular institution. Their goals may not necessarily align where the Republic is concerned.

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