rose-owl said: Sorry for that last comment. However, Hillary and the government screwed everyone over so I don’t feel bad. You could have had Sanders if it weren’t for Hillary and her shady friends.

Hi. First, thank you for the apology. I understand emotions were (are) high on every side of this issue so I get it, but I really appreciate you taking the time to both apologize and explain your position. 

Second, I voted for Sanders in the primary. I respect Hillary Clinton, and voted for her in the general, but I’m more left than even Bernie in terms of policy. 

Third, I’m more afraid of Trump’s shady friends. That’s the crux of it. I called Trump the death of liberty early on. In later, little-noticed, posts I called Hillary  Palpatine and Trump Jar Jar and Jabba. I think Jabba is the best fit for Trump. A sexist capitalist bully with very little self-control who loves trophies and attention and appeals to racists who would like to bring back slavery and get rid of Republic interference. 

As for Palpatine, in my Modern US Politics Star Wars AU I made Palpatine Speaker of the House. When John Boehner quit I was in traffic listening to NPR talk about nothing else for hours. Paul Ryan said he didn’t want the job then – his party was fracturing, nothing was getting done, the Speaker would be under siege and blamed for whatever happened – and even throughout the presidential campaign he was at odds with all sides. But look at him now. 


I absolutely do blame the Democratic Party, shady or not, for losing to this extreme. 

But the bad feeling I have about all this is due to the horrors Trump campaigned on. He mocked, condemned, and terrified Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, indigenous peoples, women, “the blacks”, Jews, the media, climate scientists, gun control advocates, educators, and politicians. He emboldened racists and misogynists and homophobes and people who want to cut back on civil and human rights and people who don’t believe in or care about Climate Change. Now Trump, Ryan, Pence, Bannon, et al are poised to wield control over all three branches of the US government and I feel really, really bad. 

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