Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.3

In 1994 I was eighteen. I dressed like this:

Courtney Love
Courtney Love | Kinderwhore

I still do. Seriously, this is super close to what I am wearing for my Friday night out tonight. In another 20 years, I probably still will. So, I’m thinking this challenge is kinda whack. But I have things to say about where the designers went with it!


You know what? She tried. I can totally see how this is both inspired by her past photo and her imagined future. Heidi said it was gimmicky and a failure but I like it way more than her craft project that WON last week! The model looks like a Sailor Moon villain or someone in the background of Deep Space Nine. I get you, Amanda.

I like this, too. It ‘s giving me Starfleet medical vibes and when is that a bad thing?

LOL. No. This is generic mall nothingness. Even the model looks bored.

OMG. This makes me angry. Just imagine for a second what live action anime girl Carrie might have done with this challenge if Hernan had gone home last week instead of her. This dress is stupid. It looks like lingerie with a harness and a too big train and Idk, WHY.

This is chic. Pretty sure I can buy it now, but chic.

I…….really hope this is not what anyone is expected to wear in twenty years. The pants look like they are made for Hagrid. Who would that be flattering on? Or comfortable?

He succeeded in his vision of mimicking a wet suit. On an unrelated-related aside, pretty sure I hate the Aldo Accessory Wall.

Cute. I don’t love the vest (?) but I would wear (have worn?) everything else.


I felt really badly for Alexander. His first idea was interesting and after he had to scrap it he was stuck with this fabric and a third of the time. I don’t think this dress is Oh So Horrible, either. Too simple, sure. But it looks like what people wear in The Matrix when they are on the ship and everything is destroyed and tbh, I LOVE that stuff. Plus:

It’s pretty!

I’m glad Zac called it Mary Poppoins because that is exactly what I saw. And that’s….interesting? It does look poorly constructed, and the fit is weird, but it has character at least. And not some 50 Shades of Grey knock-off like Hernan (I really hate Hernan’s).

The judges never liked Angela’s clothes so of course they didn’t like this. I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it and I would wear it. The comment about it being too short for the workplace made me roll my eyes because that line is so arbitrary for these judges. This also looks like The Matrix, but the shiny imaginary part and in that I think she came closest to actually designing something for the near future. But Tim is right that PR is not the place for her. I seriously doubt she cried as often as the cut wanted us to think but she never seemed happy.

I like Angela, I like her designs and I’ll keep looking for her. And I want that top (also here) so I hope it is available soon.

This is way cooler with the “Ewok Hood” but I couldn’t find a shot of it. Emily was my least favourite last week but she totally redeemed herself. This isn’t groundbreaking but it is fun and I get the “future” vibe.

I love that jacket! The dress, eh, whatever, but the jacket is awes. Unlike the judges I also the boot choice but again, I like grunge and hate this Aldo wall. I was worried for Kristine because her aesthetic does not fall in line with Heidi’s or Nina’s, so kudos.

This dress scared my daughter but it deserved to win. It’s weird and no, we will not be wearing it in 20 years, but it could definitely be in a fashion show or spread in 20 years (or now, or 15 years ago when Queen Amidala burst on the scene because this is CLEARLY Amidala-chic). I am on board the Sandhya train.

And as my older daughter pointed out — the Flux Capacitor is part of the design!

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