Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.5

Oh Double Elimination — required if you’re gonna hand out that “Tim Gunn Save” sometime! And I kinda love that they did it on a Dress Heidi episode. I imagine Heidi is not really really the Problem Client she plays on TV (I mean, any more than any celebrity is) but she loooooooves to sharpen her claws on the bones of wannabe designers, y’know? (And the results brought us some truly amazing model expressions in the photos below.) I also loved the way the “twist” was presented for the viewers. Heidi critiques,

Heidi: Not sexy enough.
Heidi: Ew.
Heidi: But it should be sexy.
Heidi: What about this makes you think of me?
Heidi: Yawn.
Heidi: It needs to be about 20% sexier.
Heidi: Ugh.
Heidi: {speaks German with the German-speaking designer to make fun of another designer’s dress and I fall over laughing but feel bad for both Fade and Korina because whut}

and then

Heidi: I’ve decided you can go back to Mood for more better fabric because I deserve better than this mess.

That was entertaining. Now, on to the fashion(ish):


His model looks like an Olsen twin in this pic. Here’s the look from front and back. His dress is weird in a fun way. Not a Heidi dress, or an Olsen twin dress, but it could work on Zoe Saldana.


I called this “prom” when I saw it walk the runway. The model is making it look as fierce as possible here, props due, but it’s still pretty commonplace. Not bad at all, just not too interesting.

Haha, the poor model looks so confused. This is…..weirdly futuristic but kind of looks like it is made of trash bags. But weird futuristic trash bags. She would fit in well in the Judge Dredd universe. Or the Star Trek Mirror Universe! Yes, that.


Poor Fade, safe again. I really like the skirt detail. I really like what Fade does, but I am still waiting for “wow” and I guess the judges are too. But much like last week I like this better than others put in the top.

So I forgot this happened until I came to it in the slideshow. It’s as boring as everything Samantha has done.

Also, boring but probably looks better in person. Love that she spent over $400 on the fabric, love that it didn’t get in the top just for that. I would like to see the Peacock dress fully realized though I expect it was not a winner.


Awful. Nothing else to say about it. Heidi hated the color of her first dress but at least it had something to it. This is just a boring dress made poorly. I want to see the snakeskin dress. I’m glad they kept Korina but this dress isn’t why.

I said last week I worried about Kristine in this challenge and I was entirely right. This is just sad. I don’t understand the choice to make this instead of getting lining fabric for her first idea? Or using what she had as the lining and getting a different outer contrast? But she was deflated from the get go. I liked her, I’ll miss her.

I didn’t like him and I won’t miss him. And these shoes are stupid, I HATE the Aldo wall.


It’s fine. It’s very Amanda. I like Fade’s more.

Also fine, also liked Fade’s better. I don’t get why Amanda and Kini are so beloved? Amanda at least has a strong pov. As far as I can tell Kini is a great tailor but are his designs interesting or exciting?

Hurray for Sean! Hurray for Sean smiling!

Hurray for Heidi:

The motion definitely won it.

She looks so happy!

Sean was smart, this is the way to go when you have so little time. Any fit issues or funky seams are obscured and so much motion makes a strong statement. Well played.

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