Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.7

I got my wish! Char gets to show at Fashion Week and Samantha went home! I approve of your save Tim Gunn! Aeris does, too, going so far as to say Char is her favourite and she wants her to win. Cute. I’m going to include some of Aeris’s commentary on the looks, too, starting with: she LOVEd this challenge. So pretty, so sparkly, so princessy.


Again, hurray for Char’s return. But there is nothing much to say about this particular look. Char dresses a lot more interesting than designs, or well, at least than what she puts out on the runway.

Haha, her model doesn’t look very excited.

And she’s right, it’s not very exciting. Very pretty color, beautiful against the model’s skin. The random not-hood-not-cape that resembles both a hood and a cape is very Emily. Safe is where it belongs. I hate those shoes and everything Aldo wall.

We like that it’s made to create the shape of a diamond. Solid, not spectacular.

And same. Those pumps are so insanely boring. I think the Aldo wall is my actual nemesis this season.



Oh Alexander. I’m not sure he knows who he is or what he wants to do yet. This looks better in the above picture than it ever did watching last night and it doesn’t look that good in the above picture. I don’t know how he avoided “dress made out of trash bag” comments (Michael Kors would go there first amirite?) but here’s what Aeris thinks:

Doctor Who
Don’t blink.

That makes it a cool dress to wear to Comic Con (Ready-to-wear Formal Weeping Angel) and maybe the TARDIS blue carpet but not on the red carpet, and it does nothing for the necklace. But we’re glad he didn’t lose because there is something there there.

Aeris suggested this dress belonged in the trash because it had been ripped apart:

Needs a fairy godmother alteration.

I think it looks overworked and messy and a little desperate (which describes Kini in the episode, too, so). We both agreed we’d like Kini’s better if the underdress were a pale blue. It would look less like a nightie.

OMG, it is not even worth talking about. BORING. If she had ever shown anything with imagination I might care that she got out on the eve of Fashion Week but NOPE.


To be fair, if I saw this on a red carpet I would probably love it. It is TEXTBOOK heroine chic. It is also CRAZY. Do we like the bowtie? Is it meant to be a bowtie? Would it be better or worse or just more CRAZY if she’d completed her original vision? I DON’T KNOW.

Aeris draped two sheets around herself and said if Amanda is in the top, so should she be. She then drew a picture of her “dream dress” so if anyone wants to start Project Runway Junior, I got one for you.

I really like Sean. This is a good statement dress for the statement jewelry. I loved how much the model liked her jewels!

Korina! I knew you had it in you! Korina was the dark horse candidate for “designer/designs I personally like”. She intrigued me but up until this it was a whole lot of TELL and no SHOW. This was a wow moment for me. The only thing I don’t like is the shoes (Aldo wall!!!!!!) because there was a moment during the inspection period last night I though the model was barefoot and, lbr, that would be way better.

Princesses don’t wear shoes.
The Hobbit 3
And neither do badass elven queens.

As for Aeris: “She looks like Queen Amidala!”

Star Wars

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