Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.8

We’ve reached the point in the Project Runway cycle where the quirky people are all but gone, the predominantly safe people are starting to be targeted, and I am losing patience with the judges pets. Which is exactly what happened this week:


I like Alexander (and I love Alexander’s model) butI haven’t seen anything to indicate he should be in the running to win. I honestly think he needs more life experience. There are young designers whose imagination can make up for that lack but I don’t think he’s one of them.

Amanda has imagination. I don’t personally like this but it’s there.

What even is this? I guess we’re calling it avant garde but it looks more like a craft project to me. Deconstructed dragon, not in a good way.


For once I completely agree with the judges that there was nothing whatsoever innovative about this and it looked like a new design from 15 years ago. Totally heroine chic! But Superman II came out in 1980 and this looks like an update on Ursa…and Man of Steel was last year so even then it’s dated. I want the gloves that Heidi and Nina hated but that’s it.

I wish she didn’t have immunity because she should have gone home for this. She’s one of my favorites this season and I still think so.

It became clear Fade was losing halfway thru the episode but I was still hoping Emily would take his place. This is a fun dress and I looooooooove the styling (I love his model, too). I find it interesting that he put the sponsor into his design and forgot to address the “rainway”.  It was a fair auf for that reason but I maintain that this has more imagination and design in it than Emily’s and I think even Char’s and Alexander’s.

I'll miss you, Fade.
I’ll miss you, Fade.


Like Fade, Sandhya addressed the sponsor in her design but she also addressed the rainway. Her idea with the pinwheels was nifty and while they were definitely weird, it was whimsy weird and I like that. This tips very close to “circus” but with a little more time to perfect it, it could be really cool.

Ugh. I am over Kini. An umbrella for the rainway, how clever. I mean, sure, it IS clever but that’s it. I think she looks like a Sailor Moon villain. I’d say at least he’ll shut up about winning now but since it was a shared win, probably not.

Great idea well executed. Cute dress. Go Sean go.

So. With 8 designers left I would like Sean, Sandhya, Korina, and Amanda in the final 4. But I expect Kini to take one of those slots and I can’t argue that he doesn’t execute things better than at least Korina. Char, Emily, and Alexander and nice and talented but they have yet to inspire any real emotion in me. I may dislike Kini and his designs, but I don’t really care either way about those three. The people I was most into are already gone.

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