Runway Rundown: Project Runway 14.5


Another Team Challenge brings more Team Drama. Teh Dramz is what Reality TV/Project Runway is all about so I must roll my eyes when Heidi acts all shocked that treating the designers like kids in high school makes them act like kids in high school. The designers divided themselves into teams by choosing each other one by one until Ashley was left alone on the bench. The two women of color were next to last picked also. The boys said the girls were picking their friends “like girls do” but the truth is wunderkind weirdo Blake is the only one who didn’t make a choice right out of a high school clique (he chose Swapnil who has been consistently strong and it’s not like they’re friends), which is super ironic since at 17 he was basically in high school yesterday. So the teams ended up Girls and Boys + Merline because amazingly the girls outnumber the boys at this moment.

Then they played a completely ridiculous game of paintball where one team ran around grabbing fabric rolls and carrying them back to base while the other team shot and threw paint at them. Allegedly they only got to keep the fabric they got thru the barrier with but a)  both teams seemed to collect all of their designated fabric and b) it turned out the jumpsuits they were wearing while playing were to be the REAL source of fashion fabric and c) AND they got more white fabric + paintballs to make their own supplemental fabrics.

The Challenge: Create a cohesive six look mini collection with the paint splattered fabric.




Team Girls or more accurately Team Mean Girls was a mess from minute one. They did not have a conversation about theme until after Tim’s critique that they didn’t have one. That conversation resulted in adding ‘Barney’ purple to all of their looks and calling it a day and when they still ended up in the bottom they decided to come up with a theme while waiting for their judging. So that tells you ‘cohesive’ they were.


Designer: Ashley certainly did not deserve to be picked last as she has a clear design vision, executes it skillfully, and has won two of the four previous challenges. And as she explained in episode one, Ashley was bullied and marginalized in actual high school and did not deserve for it to happen again in  PR high school.
Look: As guest judge Kelly Osbourne pointed out this is a well constructed top with a throwaway skirt and it shows. But it totally one hundred percent looks like TNG era Romulan fashion and for that I love it.


Designer: Candice started the ball rolling down the hill to high school hell by picking Amanda over former partner (with who she won the challenge) Ashley. She said in testimonial she did it to boost Amanda’s self-confidence but what it did was squash Ashley’s. Alllllll the Girls came off badly this episode, but Candice was edited to be Queen Bee Meanie. I think she meant to be more of a mentor/mother. But it was a bad week for her in every way.
Look: She was on the chopping block for this mess and completely deserved to be. It looks tortured.


Designer: This episode is more depressing the more I think about it. Kelly looks like Janice Ian but she came off as just another Mean Girl.
Look: No. Just no.


Designer: Laurie, who still doesn’t get enough screen time, stirred up trouble by telling Ashley she’d overheard the Mean Girls plotting to blame her in judging. I feel awful that Ashley was still so upset when it happened and disgusted that Laurie was next up on their chopping block. Four skinny white girls on one side and a black girl and a heavy girl on the other? Not cool no matter who’s behind it.
Look: I’m not a fan of this bored look but I am a fan of Laurie and demand she get more time in front of the cameras.


Designer: Whatever.
Look: Whatever.


Designer: She was not ready for this competition. Girl has too many insecurities and not enough ideas. She’s entirely correct that this week was not her fault and her design was not the worst but she’s also said that every week. At some point she’s gotta take some responsibility for what she’s doing.
Look: Look at these pics, tho. This is NOT the worst look. Amanda went home because Nina was tired of her, because her team did her no favors, and because she was better at making excuses than choices.



Team Boys + Merline came up with a theme that everyone agreed on before doing anything. Then they collaborated on the fabric design and helped each other create their looks. Nina called them the most cohesive team in the history of the show.


Designer: Blake spent the paintball battle hiding and it kind of endeared him to me. I also kind of want to know more about why he is the way he is.
Look: Perfectly fine, nothing special.


Designer: In direct opposition to the Girls, most of the Boys + group came off better than they ever had. Jake painted the fabric design for the team and clearly worked hard.
Look: CAPE.


Designer: Joseph made a point of talking up Swapnil’s look to the judges which was pretty great to see.
Look: His aesthetic skews to wealthy women over 40. Again, not my thing but I appreciate he does it.


Designer: She fit in seamlessly with the boys and got to make her own thing that she was very pleased with.
Look: I wouldn’t wear it but I like it.


Designer: Always a bridesmaid. Swapnil came up with the theme for the team  and used the materials in an innovative way and has the best model. When will he win?
Look: This is so cool! I want to wear it! Together or as separates. He’s top of my list at least.


Designer: I don’t feel I know the real Edmund yet tbh.
Look: He does grand very well. This is lovely and would be awesome to see on a red carpet. But I’m not sure that’s enough to get him to the end.


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