Runway Rundown: Project Runway 14.6


The Project Runway finale show took place Friday so everybody going forward after this one got to show. Hashtag poor Blakey.

I found it strange that they had a 17 year old guest judge (Bella Thorne) for the lingerie challenge, particularly after Heidi critiqued one of the bras as “too sixteen year old” — but Bella was actually a really good guest judge, giving out actual advice to the designers. Though her go to comment “I could wear this under a t-shirt” did show her age/aesthetic.

Anyway, it was a hard challenge for nearly everyone.

The Challenge: Create a bra and panty set for Heidi’s Intimates collection. Halfway thru they added a cover-up component as a ‘twist’. Winner gets immunity and their design mass produced for the web store.



Designer: She loves lingerie second only to leather.
Look: So it’s not surprising she was told to tone down the S&M during her critique. The garter belt is keen, but Idk why she thinks women want to have the feeling of a garter belt without the necessity of garters & stockings?? All in all, this is pretty standard and deserves to be safe.


Designer: Heidi called his Captain Tacky and he did not know how to respond. Still unclear to me what Edmund’s thing is.
Look: This appears to include garters with no stockings OR a belt? And they blend in with her skin color but match the detail on the panty? I don’t get it? Also this model’s body scares me.


Designer: I don’t even know anymore. I don’t think he’s going to be in the top. He’s so laid back, he encourages them to think of his designs as matronly? He maybe wants to own that niche and if so, more power to him?
Look: I mean he chose GREY. And neon orange. Idk, but this is totally available in Victoria’s Secret.


Designer: I don’t think she’ll be in the top either as she doesn’t get enough screen time.
Look: I love the hooded leopard cover-up so much. So much! The set’s design is cute, too, and the colors are funky. This is the look I’d want to buy. But I guess I’m not the customer for Heidi Klum Intimates.


Designer: Lindsey injured her hand and had to detour to the ER…and still finished her look exactly how she wanted to.
Look: I’d buy this, too, except the panty under the boy shorts is a little odd.




Designer: Jake took his model’s feelings into account, which is cool of him? (When did they start switching the models around? Have they been doing it all along? This was Amanda’s and Kelly had my fave who had been Swapnil’s… I miss model time on this show)
Look: The details are great, the design is a mess.


Designer: Who is Laurie? I want to know! She did get more screen time so is it an editing thing or is it she’s reticent?
Look: Everybody agreed the bra is great and the panty is weird. I just have to point out that the cover-up makes her model look like a wizard:

Professor Snape amirite?
Professor Snape amirite?



Designer: Oh Blakey. I haven’t hated you for a couple episodes now. It’s become clear your attitude is due to your extreme youth and complete lack of experience in the world. He didn’t know anything about women’s underwear or the anatomy it is meant to cover. Baby boy needs more time to grow before he can really compete on this level.
Look: This is painful to look at. I have so much second hand embarrassment for Blake and this poor model.



Designer: She bounced right back from last week.
Look: CUTE.


Designer: What does Swapnil have to do to win? He struggled this week, had a clear vision of what he wanted to do and it was held up by lack of fabric choice and he was convinced he’d be in the bottom. But the judges were wowed by all the work and design that went into this, including the cover-up…and yet? Still a bridesmaid. Despite literally designing something for a BRIDE.
Look: I don’t love this, but it’s so so heroine chic — with more to it (to make it less obvisously underwear) it could be a literal superhero suit. Nina called it Khaleesi wear which is perfect for many reasons and Swapnil remains my pick to win.


Designer: She didn’t use the bra template provided to all the designers and that risk paid off with a win. She’s a lot less cuckoo now, or else their editing her down (seems more likely they were editing her up before).
Look: It’s different but stylish and that’s why it won. I don’t want to buy it but if you do HERE‘s the link.

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