Star Trek Alien Fashion Project

I came across this post on tumblr and if you scroll down past the super awesome Trek Alien Fashion Mashups you see the comment “I feel like somebody needs to polyvore the fuck up, stat.”

So. Here we are.

I started with the one most relevant to my day job:  Fierce Office Chic Cardassian

Cardassian Cardassians wear clothes that are heavy, textured, and look exhausting to wear. Which I think is the point — these clothes say “I am stronger than you”. Bow down!

Next up a throwback to my fashion roots: Grunge Andorian

Andorian I had a little extra fun with this one. The Andorians place so much value on their military I feel an anti-establishment Andorian would play up the softer side.

And we’ll round out today’s post with the one I’m most likely to be seen wearing: Aggressively Cute Klingon First, relevant: Zoe and the Klingons Now this is, of course, my favorite set so far because B’Elanna!

a still from Star Trek: Voyager featuring Tom and B'Elanna
Aggressively Cute Klingon

B’Elanna actually spends a lot Voyager (aggressively) explaining how Not Cute she and especially Klingons are. Klingons are mean and base and ill-mannered and angry-all-the-time and So. Not. Cute. …per B’Elanna (the cutest Klingon ever).


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