Wednesday is for WIPs

I’m doing another periodic random rewatch of The Good Wife and I’m dedicating this list to all the Alicias like me. 

Five Things (of At Least Fifty) I’m Working On This Week

  1. We Salute You, the Jayne Brook fan book. I hope I’m not driving @caressyouintodarkness completely bonkers.

  2. Upcoming conventions where I’m presenting on fandom herstory (LadiesCon) and cosplay on a budget (CumberCon). I’m also working with Northeast Trek Con (I’ve a fun surprise project I’m pretty excited for) and making “Grab ‘Em By the Midterms” and other election buttons for upcoming NYC events. Convention season is long and busy this year!

  3. Costober is coming (my daughter and I practice everyday cosplay for every day in October leading up to Halloween) and we’re putting together our outfits and wishlists. This year I will be chronicling it on a blog (TBD) as well as posting to instagram. 

  4. My house is so close to something I actually want to live in. It’s been over a year since I started the project and I’m back to sleeping on the loveseat while my daughter sleeps in my room surrounded by all my and her furniture (there is literally only enough floor space for her mattress) so her now empty room’s floor can dry (have I mentioned how humidity is my nemesis and I hate Summer with a white hot passion?) BUT it is incredibly satisfying to see the progress. 

  5. My fic: I have some 15 actual WIPs. I’ve been struggling with writing lately but I am pushing through as best I can. 

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