Costober 2020 Day 21: Wanda Maximoff

Welcome to the Witches theme! I’m starting off with one of my longtime favorites, the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff.

About the Look

First introduced in X-Men comics in 1964, Wanda has a long and storied history. She’s been villain, hero, neighbor, daughter, brother, wife, mother, and plot device. But always a mutant, and always a witch.

Wanda was born with the ability to warp reality to her specifications. Sometimes she uses this power to fling little red balls of magic energy at her enemies. Other times she uses it to get pregnant with her android husband’s children. And then there was the time she used it to create an entire alternate timeline where everyone (but mostly her mutant mastermind father) had their heart’s desire and when that didn’t work she got rid of all mutants everywhere. Don’t worry, she also helped bring them back.

All Wanda really wants is a family. She’s belonged to a few different teams but burned quite a few bridges over the years. She has a twin brother, Pietro, and at least three or four different men have been revealed to be their father and then revealed to not be. None of them, nor any of her mothers, actually parented her. She’s had a bunch of on again off again romances, been married, and engaged a couple times. But those relationships always blow up, often literally. And she has twin sons that she magicked into existence twice, but she didn’t get to raise them, and her relationship to them is tenuous.

Thus Wanda Maximoff is phenomenally powerful and incredibly lonely.

My favorite Wanda in the comics is the limited series Vision and the Scarlet Witch, in which they move to the suburbs to live like normal people. The storyline is 50% curtain fic, 50% family drama. Vision’s brothers! Wanda’s fathers! Babies! At one point Wanda’s sister-in-law starts an affair with a neighbor at their barbecue, but it’s not revealed right away and when it is there is a note to the reader that asks “did you notice two issues back they were spending all their time together?” It’s my favorite reader aside in all of comics because I DID notice! That whole mini is written for me personally. And the new Disney+ series WandaVision appears to be along a similar vein. I am so excited!

About My Look

My look is most reflective of the film looks. Red jacket over black. I actually purchased this jacket to reference Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time but Elizabeth Olson’s Wanda Maximoff wears a similar one in Avengers: Ultron.

The shirt I’ve had a while, too; it was purchased secondhand with the idea that it would work for someone (which is, to be honest, how I get at least 60% of my wardrobe). I decided it fits Wanda’s impulsive and overdramatic side and coupled with the jacket achieves film Wanda’s aesthetic. “Live Fast” is also a fun reference to her brother’s powers.

I’m wearing black eyeliner and mascara, my pink sunscreen, and my Wonder Woman lip polish. The boots are the ones I wore for Amy and Rey. The gloves are one nod to Wanda’s comic book costume. They are left over from a Scarlet Witch full cosplay I wore at least a decade ago; I don’t have the rest, just the gloves!

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