Costober 2020 Day 23: Trixie

Today’s witch is The Great and Powerful Trixie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and related titles.

About the Look

Growing up I had many My Little Ponies. I created little familes, some “canon”, like Surprise and Baby Surprise, others I made up. And every time I got a new one I’d decide which family she belonged to and reunite them. I had a very elaborate plot about a war that ripped all the families apart that I replayed every time. It could take the whole afternoon. I loved ponies. And Friendship is Magic is just as much a pony soap opera as the one I played. It’s streaming on Hulu and a GREAT pandemic watch.

Trixie is introduced as an antagonist but eventually settles into a frenemy role. She’s arrogant, self-absorbed, and exceedingly overdramatic. But once she stops treating everyone she meets as an audience she starts to make genuine connections and her arrogance and self-absorption morph into something closer to confidence. She still and always loves to put on a show! But she recognizes that, well, friendship is magic, too.

Most importantly, Trixie has the most delightful lyric ever sung on screen in “Tricks Up My Sleeve” ,her entry to the Battle of the Bands in the Rainbow Rocks Equestia Girls movie:

Don't mean to brag,
Don't mean to boast
But I'm a six-course meal and you're just burnt toast

YOU’RE JUST BURNT TOAST. What an amazing put down. I grin every single time I hear it.

About My Look

Trixie is a light blue unicorn with even lighter blue and white hair. Her cutie mark is a moon-cape and star-wand. And she wears a matching cape and witch hat colored purple with blue and yellow stars.

The shirt is by Grayson Social Girls and was purchased at Target a couple years ago. I bought two because I love it so much. The skirt was purchased secondhand and I don’t know where the tights or socks came from, they were just in my drawer!

I wore these boots earlier for Cinderella, and the star earring as Dawn. My lip stick is Urban Decay. I’m wearing blue and white eyeliner, and added the white to my eyebrows and a few sweeps through my hair. I also treated my hair with an Ultra Violet shampoo by Lakme.

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