Costober 2020 Day 25: Luna Lovegood

My fifth and final witch is Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series.

About the Look

Luna first appears in the fifth book (and film) in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It’s the longest book, and one of the more polarizing. My review is: “Some of my favourite moments in the entire series happen in this book. But then there’s the rest of it.” Quite a few people think Harry Potter peaked with book and film three. I often quote Goblet of Fire as my favorite. But I can’t entirely commit to either of those positions. Because Luna.

Luna Lovegood is delightful. It’s difficult to choose a favorite moment because they are all amazing. Her affection for the thestrals. When she’s inexplicably chosen to announce a quidditch match. Her kind words for Dobby. When she accompanies Harry to Slughorn’s party. Her intuitive understanding of people. When she demands Harry pay attention to her because she just so happens to know how to find Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Luna Lovegood is entirely, utterly, and always herself. She’s not overly worried about popularity or reputation. She knows she’s odd and it’s okay. Luna is engaged with a world that only she can see. Mainly, she’s a little bit sad for the rest of us, that we’re blind to it. And honestly, so am I.

About My Look

I am as disappointed as the rest of you that JKR is a TERF. I wanted to do a Harry Potter look for me. I’ve spent years, and quite a lot of money, unfortunately, on and in the Wizarding World. There is a line of thought that now that JKR is a raving TERF we should stop talking about her and read better books. And I respect anyone who makes that choice.

Twenty years ago on Livejournal, I was sorted into Slytherin by filling out a survey and being voted into one of the houses by my peers. Once accepted into the “Hogwarts” community I participated in trivia nights, fanfiction exchanges, poetry contests, and a book club. I had a “store” where I made icons and banners for the other “students” and each “purchase” won my house points. Somewhere in my house I still have lyrics for my part in “Lord Voldemort’s Lonely Horcux Band”. It was such a wonderful time, such a wonderful community, and neither JK Rowling or Warner Brothers benefited from any of it.

I don’t follow JKR on twitter or anywhere else. I won’t give her any more money. But her hatred and small-mindedness cannot take the magic away from Daniel Radcliffe or the rest of the cast. Or me.

My jacket and skirt were purchased secondhand. I was still deliberating which of my HP loves I’d embody while browsing but the jacket clinched it. It’s perfect for her Half-Blood Prince look. My shoes were also purchased secondhand (previously). I got my tights at Party City and the Deathly Hallows necklace was a gift. My Dino earrings— I don’t have radishes, I decided Dinos were my oddest option — I believe were from Claires.

I included the Alice in Wonderland crossbody bag because Luna is often compared to Alice. It was purchased at Modern Millie in Salem, MA. I’m wearing R2D2 socks because they are in Trans Rights baby blue and pink.

I’d wanted to get one of these delightful products on Etsy, but unfortunately didn’t get them ordered in time: Houses for Trans Rights Stickers, Harry/Hermione for Trans Rights Pin, Trans Inclusive Feminism Always Pin, F*ck TERFs bracelet.

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