Costober 2020 Day 29: Liv Moore

Today’s monster is undead medical examiner and amateur/psychic detective Liv Moore of iZombie. (It is based on a comic book series but Liv Moore does not appear in the comic.)

About the Look

Liv Moore was a young and happy doctor, engaged to be married, living her dream, when she went to a boat party and was transformed into a zombie. Her hair and skin turned pale, she lost her sense of taste, and she craved brains. So she broke off her engagement and took a job as an ME for the police. There she had easy access to brains without killing anyone herself. And thanks to zombie magic, there she found a calling. Liv had visions of the people whose brains she ate, and helped to solve their murders.

iZombie is delightful. It’s funny and goofy and gross and fantastic. It’s a crime procedural, but the procedure is absurd. Every episode includes a shiny montage of Liv’s meal straight out of The Food Network. And a new personality for Liv once she’s eaten it, complete with costume changes and accents and bizarre mannerisms. It’s delightful!

And the central conceit is that zombies don’t have to be mindless murdering monsters. With a proper diet, they can retain their humanity. Liv and her friends track down murderers. They research cures for zombism and zombism as a cure. There are plots about creating laws for zombies and sneaking terminal patients into the lockdown. Ultimately, being a zombie is an affliction. Being a monster is a choice.

About My Look

It’s hard to pin down Liv’s look separate from her brain induced personality and wardrobe changes. I chose to use her look in the pilot as my guide: layers of strappy camisole shirts, a maroon hoodie, lab coat and glasses. And a butterfly pendant, like the necklace Liv wears often in the series.

I work in a university science department so I had access to lab equipment and the DNA models are on display in our conference room. I was able to close myself in these rooms alone so I could remove my face mask for the photos. Zombie tastes are diminished so they use hot sauce to season their food. And the formula for an energy drink is the catalyst for the outbreak.

The hoodie was purchased secondhand and the necklace was found on Poshmark. It was my last I bleached my hair last night (ironic cuz many other zombies choose to dye their hair to cover the zombie blond). I’m wearing a thin layer of white greasepaint make-up and smudged black eyeliner around my eyes. Mascara and the mauve lipstick complete the look.

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