Gaston’s Tavern

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(Photo: Aurora deBoer)

It was Christmas Eve, one of the parks’ busiest days of the year. My daughters and I arrived at the Magic Kingdom for an early AM Extra Magic Hour and their grandmother joined us at park open, but my brothers and sister-in-law got to the gates around 10am. Early enough to secure entry, but crowded enough that they were in line for coffee nearly an hour. Their mistake? Stopping at the first cafe on Main Street USA.

Coffee crowd on Christmas Eve, 2018 (Photo: Aurora deBoer)

Pixie Travel Tip: Know Your Options

This is a tip applicable to every park at Disney and beyond. There are so many places to get food and drink you should never have to wait 50 minutes. In this case, my daughters and I gave up on waiting with the others and went to Gaston’s Tavern, a quick-service cafe in Fantasyland. It’s further in the park, but it’s themed and has gigantic cinnamon rolls so it’s where we wanted and planned to get our breakfast anyway.

And it turned out, there was next to no line! We waited five minutes, tops, for the same cup of coffee my brother got after ten times that. AND a warm cinnamon roll (with red frosting for the holiday) that was big enough to share between the three of us.

(Photo: Aurora deBoer)

There is nothing wrong with the food available on Main Street, and it’s not always overcrowded, but if you see a line four or five aisles deep, keep going. And if you like cinnamon rolls and over the top decorating, Gaston’s is a great place for both.

Pixie Trivia: Gaston’s Tavern

  • Found in the Enchanted Forest area of New Fantasyland to the right of Beast’s castle.
  • There are great photo ops to be found within (antlers! Gaston’s manly chair!) and out (a large fountain featuring Gaston and Le Fou).
  • The Tavern specialities are the huge Warm Cinnamon Rolls (you can request extra frosting on the side!) and Le Fou’s brew, a non-alcoholic frozen apple-based drink.
  • Gaston himself can often be found in the area for photos and autographs.
  • Gaston’s Tavern is part of the Disney Dining Plan.

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