Jadzia Fashion Project: Dressing Gown

Ah, variations on a dressing gown. These first three are very similar soft maxi dresses.

Maroon Gown (Equilibrium)

The maroon is almost certainly Jadzia’s because she wears it on ship before they get to Trill and wears it again in a later episode.

Maroon Gown (Time’s Orphan)
Lavender Gown (Equilibrium)

The lavender is almost certainly the Trill hospital’s standard medical wear.

It resembles what the others in the hospital are wearing, and even has a similar neckline to DS9’s medical robes.

White Gown (Equilibrium)

And the white has elements of both of the others.

I especially like the capped sleeves.

Color wise the dark looks best, then stark white and finally soft purple (that again intentionally blends into the surroundings). 

All of these gowns could be worn out though they’re contextually nightwear or house coats. The shorter purple version is something Jadzia wears when she’s feeling flirty.

Purple Gown (Let He Who Is Without Sin…)
Purple Gown (Change of Heart)

Both the gowns Jadzia owns, and even the Trill Medical robe, are in her color palette of various purples.

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