Love your Nyota Fashion Project! How would you rate the gown she wears while off-duty in The Tholian Web? Or her dress in the gathering in Kirk’s apartment at the beginning of The Search for Spock? I didn’t see those two included, unless I’m missing something… (Also a tiny correction, ’cause I’m an insufferable nitpick like that: Uhura wears a skirt with her Starfleet uniform in TSfS too, during the “Mister Adventure” scene. I read from Memory Alpha Nichelle requested she could have one.)

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for pointing them out because I LOVE THEM. The second is barely in the film so I sort of forgive myself missing it but I have no idea how I missed the Tholian Web dress, or that she wears the medical gown in that episode as well! 

I’ve updated the Starfleet uniform entry with your note and added caps from The Tholian Web to the medical gown post and I’m posting an addendum about these two looks now. 

Again, thank you, I absolutely rely on other fans to make these projects the best they can be!

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