“Makin’ Memories”

Part of the Making Memories Series

The song “Makin’ Memories” was written and produced for a pre-show presentation shown in advance of the 3D film Magic Journeys as part of the original Journey Into Imagination pavilion at EPCOT. The film was viewed in various spaces at EPCOT and both California’s and Florida’s Magic Kingdom for the decade following its premiere, but most Disney fans know the song from the 1990 Sing-Along-Songs VHS Disneyland Fun. This was a beloved video in my household, watched at least a hundred times over by multiple generations. We can still sing along to every song.

The film and attraction were sponsored by Kodak so an emphasis was placed on photography: “taking pictures is making memories”.

Photo: Kerste Milik, age 9

The above photo was taken in 2006 when the photographer, my older daughter Kerste, was nine years old and my younger daughter Aeris was nine months old. Nothing in the picture indicates it was taken at Disney World – but I remember we were on the second floor of The Living Seas aquarium in Epcot. I remember Aeris was watching fish swim by. I remember Kerste used a disposable camera with an automatic flash. I remember it was afternoon because I’d purchased this outfit at the French Pavilion and changed into it. I remember Kerste thinking this picture wasn’t any good and I remember thinking it was perfect.

Photo: Kerste Milik, age 22

Here’s a photo from our most recent trip in 2018. My baby is my size and her big sister is taller than us both. But we all still love Disney – and it’s ten times easier to take and share pictures now. With our own iPhones, and with Disney’s PhotoPass.

Pixie Travel Tips: Photography

  • The Magic Band allows you and your entire party to collect ALL your PhotoPass pictures into a gallery with a simple tap!
  • Disney’s Memory Maker grants you unlimited digital downloads of all your PhotoPass pictures.
  • Alternatively, you may purchase photos individually. You can also get fun souvenirs like mugs, frames, etc.
  • PhotoPass images are deleted 45 days after they are taken so be sure to download all your photos before they expire.
  • Disney Photogs will also use your personal camera or phone to take pictures of you with characters and at photospots around the parks.

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