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There are many ways you can support me and my endeavors.

Pixie Notes

Pixie Notes is a newsletter I send out twice monthly. It includes updates on my various projects and campaigns, information about what I’m doing and where to find me, and my musings about anything and everything (but mostly media).


Sign-up to be a monthly supporter here. ALL new ongoing supporters, regardless of amount, may request ONE of the following:

  • Basic Character Fashion Profile: I will write up suggestions for how to achieve a given character’s look. (Read More)
  • Character Fashion Project (Single Appearance): I will complete an analysis of one character’s one specific costume. (Read More)
  • Episode Meta: I will update one previously posted photocap with the episode meta. (Available Episodes: Voyager | Other Series)

One time tips of any amount are of course also very much appreciated!


Supporter Goal: 10 New Supporters

Voyager photocaps are posted every other week; when I have achieved the goal of ten new monthly supporters I will start posting a photocap of one of the other series on the off weeks. Episodes for these photocaps will be chosen via poll. I have a few polls all ready to go and I am very excited to get started so tell your friends!

Support Goal: $150

‘Coffee’ money goes towards the expenses of hosting my sites, equipment maintenance, convention travel, and streaming subscriptions. All supporters will have access to special patron only posts, polls, and discussion.


You may commission me via my ko-fi account.

I am also available as a fashion or event consultant.


Leave a review for Antimatter Pod wherever you consume it, and invite your friends to listen!

I am also putting together a page of testimonials for my work, please feel free to contact me if you have something to share.


I have over ten years experience in programming, including:

  • Development (create a panel on a topic and recruit panelists)
  • Moderation (serve as mod for a panel, including collaboration prior to the event)
  • Panelist (serve as a panelist)
  • Presenter (present a topic with no other guests)
  • Fandom Fashion Show (this takes planning but can be a showstopper)

Examples of my work can be found at Pixie Speaks. I’ve also worked as Media (interviews, photography, write ups) and Staff (event coordination, guest relations, guest assistant). I have experience with large and small cons, fan-run and corporate, single or multi days. I have many varied interests and expertise and I am open to anything. Let’s chat!


I have experience as a blogger and editor, with research and interviews. Examples of my work can be found at Pixie Writes.

Please let me know about blogging, anthology, and other opportunities.


Coming Soon!