Costober 2020 Day 28: Sebastian Michaelis

Today’s monster is the titular demon Sebastian Michaelis from the manga Black Butler by Yana Tobaso and its animated adaptations.

About the Look

In many ways, Black Butler defies categorization. It has elements from a list of genres: shonen, fantasy, horror, mystery, historic fiction, dark comedy, Faustian tragedy. Sebastian is at the center of the story, a demon contracted to Ciel Phantomhive, whose family was killed prior to the series. He is Ciel’s servant, bodyguard, and advisor. Sebastian is the only one who knows all of Ciel’s history. He’s Ciel’s main weapon in the fight to avenge his family. And he owns Ciel’s soul.

To everyone else, Sebastian is “one hell of a butler”. He is brilliant at everything and runs the Phantomhive manor and business with alacrity and prowess. Sebastian is harsh, and at times cruel, to Ciel. But he is also devoted, and every once in a while, appears to have some affection for the boy. They make a good pair and while certainly not heroes, they are not truly villains either, not even the demon.

Sebastian Michaelis (S├ębastien Michaelis) was a French inquisitor who wrote a book on the classification of demons in the 1600s.

About My Look

I am so pleased with this look! Sebastian wears the uniform of a Victorian butler. I had to put mine together piece by piece but I think it came out great.

Everything I am wearing was purchased secondhand. And with the exception of the eyepatch, wig, and rings, everything my Ciel is wearing was also purchased secondhand. The cutlery came out of our kitchen. My make-up is simple, just eyeliner and a mauve lipstick.

Sebastian loses his cool around cats so I posed with Sushi. He also has the ability to transform into a crow. I went to the post office this afternoon, for work, and there was a large crow in the lot. It soared off the roof and perched on a post between the road and my car. I wasn’t able to snap a photo before it flew off but I take it as approval from the other side.

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