Hello! I’m Anika AKA Pixie

I am an academic, advocate, and mentor. I’ve studied psychology, sociology, adolescence, feminism and gender, and media studies within and outside of universities for more than twenty years. I have a Master’s degree in Social Science and I stay current with research journals and literature.

I am also an avid consumer of pop culture. I use my fandom to express myself, to build and foster community, and to create connections with my audience.

My research interests are in the portrayal of trauma and mental health in mainstream media and the complexities of narrative therapy in practice.

Mental Health in the Movies

Academic Research

Personal Essays

More coming soon.

“MA” means I went to school for a total of 21 years. I attended 12 years of public education, 4 years at Brandeis University for my BA, and 5 years at Wesleyan University for my Master’s degree (part time because I’m a working single mom).

“LS” stands for “Liberal Studies” and means I designed my own program of study. I focus on the intersections of pop culture and mental health so my concentration was Social Sciences. I mainly took courses in Psychology, Anthropology, and Media Studies.

I include: film, television, streaming video, novels, poetry, graphic novels and comics, animation, theater, dance, music, visual arts, fashion, memes, toys and collectibles, social media, food and drink, sports, video games, architecture, amusement parks, pets.

I am a cisgender woman in my forties. I live in the same small New England suburban city/college town I grew up in and work for the same college my father worked for. Politically I’m a leftist, a bohemian revolutionary or anarcho-communist. I am pansexual but mainly attracted to fictional characters. I am spiritual but not religious.

It refers to the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ trope, which I self-identify as, and to Tinker Bell, the fairy of Peter Pan and Disneyland fame. You can read more about both in this essay.

Please feel free to contact me on twitter or email: anika@manicpixiedust.com.