Pixie Speaks

Panel Appearances

I love to craft and present panels at conventions and conferences. Below are a variety of panels I’ve presented at cons across the country. I am available to develop, pitch, and participate as a speaker or moderator; please contact me to discuss!

Anime Boston (New England Anime Society): “Neon Genesis: Using Anime in Narrative Therapy”

Connecticon (Connecticon)

  • Teen Girls in Space! Saturday, July 22, 2023 05:30 PM, Bespin Barracuda (CTCC MR14)
  • Saving the World Isn’t Therapy: Trauma in Anime, July 22, 2023, 09:30 PM, Wakanda Wombats (Marriott Ballroom C)

Anime Boston (New England Anime Society): “Saving the World Isn’t Therapy: Trauma in Anime”

Wiscon (Wiscon): “Redemption Panel” (Virtual)

Wiscon (Wiscon): “How Do We Use Our Fandoms to Impact the World?” (Virtual)

Wiscon (Wiscon): “Female Friendships in Star Trek”(Virtual)

Captain Picard Week Podcast Festival (Strange New Pod): “The Charge of Stuffiness: A Defense of Captain Picard” (Virtual)

New York Comic Con (Reed Pop): “The Women Who Built Fandom”

Rhode Island Comic Con (Altered Reality Entertainment): “Teen Girls in Space”, (mod)

Ladies Con (Ladies of Comicazi): “Disneybound and Beyond!”

Ladies Con (Ladies of Comicazi): “Fandom Online”

 Respect: Women’s Podcast Festival: “Strong Women of Trek”

ConnectiCon (ConnectiCon): “The Herstory of Fandom”

ConnectiCon (ConnectiCon): “Clone Rights: The Ethical Toll of the Clone Wars”

ConnectiCon (ConnectiCon): “Toxic Fandom”, (mod)

Awesome Con (Left Field Media): “Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

PAX East 2019 (Reed Exhibitions): “Gaming and Social Identity: Helping Ourselves, Helping Our Kids”, (mod)

Northeast Trek Con (Northeast Trek Con): “The Evolution of Rom” with Max Grodénchik (mod)

Northeast Trek Con (Northeast Trek Con): “Women and Star Trek” with Nicole deBoer, Leslie Hoffman and Chase Masterson

Northeast Trek Con (Northeast Trek Con): “Toxic Fandom”

CumberCon (Cumberland Public Library): “Cosplay on a Budget”

Ladies Con (Ladies of Comicazi): “The Herstory of Fandom: What We Lose When We Forget the Past”

Star Trek Las Vegas (Creation Entertainment): “Shakespeare and Star Trek” with Mary Chieffo

WisCon 42 (WisCon): Star Trek: DISCO (mod)

WisCon 42 (WisCon): Tasha Yar: Potential Unrealized

WisCon 42 (WisCon): Bisexual Representation in Film and TV

WisCon 42 (WisCon): Themes of The Last Jedi

WisCon 42 (WisCon): The Defenders

PAX East (Reed Exhibitions): “Games without Gates”

Minds in Motion (Connecticut Association for the Gifted): “Seeing Past the Screen: Transforming Technology into a Tool for Learning”

Escape Velocity (Museum of Science Fiction): “Man as Machine: Androids & Cyborgs in Literature”

Wesleyan Summer Research in Science Poster Session (Wesleyan University): “The Association between Depression and Trouble Sleeping”

Wiscon 41 (WisCon): Rebel Scum: Finding Hope in Resistance (mod)

Wiscon 41 (WisCon): HBO’s Westworld—A Spoilerful Panel (mod)

Wiscon 41 (WisCon): Destroy the Myth of the Traditional Family (mod)

Wiscon 41 (WisCon): #inhonorofcarrie: Carrie Fisher and Mental Illness

PAX East  (Reed Exhibitions): “Gaming with Your Kids”

Mission New York (Reed Exhibitions): “Trek Talks: An Examination of Literature and Star Trek

50 Year Mission Tour Cherry Hill, 2017 (Creation Entertainment): “Shakespeare and Star Trek”,

Wiscon 40, 2016 (WisCon)

The Fandom Awakens

Why Did We Have To Fight For Rey Star Wars Toys? (mod)

Is Rey a Mary Sue? (mod)

Wiscon 39 (WisCon): “Star Trek: Voyager, Twenty Years Later” (mod)

Geek Girl Con (GeekGirlCon): “The Carol Corps and the Changing Face of Fandom”

Anime Boston (New England Anime Society):  “Ready-to-Wear Fandom Fashion!”


Geek Girl Con (GeekGirlCon): “Ready-to-Wear Superhero Fashion” 

Wesleyan University (Alpha Delta Fi Society): “Follow the White Rabbit”

Podcast Appearances

I love to talk about pop culture and how it intersects with society! I’m available to chat; please contact me to discuss!

The Endless Anakin Playlist Podcast is a Star Wars podcast in which I use popular music as a frame to discuss anything and everything Star Wars and Star Wars adjacent. You can access all the episodes here.

Episode 158 - DIS - Into the Forest I Go

Sure, just one last jump and then I’ll take you to the opera. Stammets, nooooo!This week, Rachel and Chris are joined by guest Anika Dane to discuss her thesis on mental health in Star Trek’s utopian society, from TOS to Discovery.You can find Anika and her work on portrayals of PTSD in Star Trek on Twitter @manicpixiedane

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Rachel Watches Star Trek

Special guest Anika Dane takes the command chair to lead us through this even more depressing version of the episode Timeless. Shockingly, a desperate plan in Star Trek doesn't work. Janeway keeps her shit together for an impressively long time. Children are the future except when their future is retroactively taken from them. Sorry, children!

Link to the story: https://archiveofourown.org/works/2401565

Link to Anika's website: https://www.manicpixiedust.com/

Come chat fanfiction at our new Discord channel! bit.ly/rfrdiscordserver

Retro Fanfic Retrospective

Podcast: The Redemption Equals Death Trope Needs to Die

Why is it when a character redeems themselves it’s like they are signing their death certification? We discuss examples from Kylo Ren to Norrington from Pirates and why writers keep doing it.

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Podcast Guests:

The Geeky Waffle Network

Episode 31: Anika Dane

In this episode we speak with Anika Dane. She’s a writer, cosplayer, and podcaster. Anika has a long and fascinating Star Trek story that I hope you will enjoy!

Trek Profiles

Breha and Leia was a Star Wars podcast hosted by a mother and daughter. All episodes can be accessed here.

Other Side of the Mirror # 13 - Look Good in Leather

A fan episode with an interview with a OUAT fashion blogger, Anika. Anika runs What Would Regina Wear and Once Upon a Runaway, two blogs that post looks and outfits inspired by Once. Both are great quality blogs (though they leave you wanting too many clothes!) We talk about Regina, Once fashion, her feelings on season two, the character she’d like to give a makeover to, and more.  Listener feedback too!   Show notes available at http://othersideofthemirror.com/post/35427263309/other-side-of-the-mirror-13-look-good-in Visit our website at http://othersideofthemirror.comand let us know what you think of Once fashion or anything else in the comments.  Other Side of the Mirror is a Once Upon a Time podcast with an emphasis on Regina Mills/Evil Queen.  We focus on the show, theories, fandom and more. Suggest a topic for an upcoming fan episode and more.