Pixie Fashion

I want to be your Personal Stylist

My passion is creating fandom inspired looks to be worn for any occasion.

Are you interested in Stealth Cosplay, but you don’t know how to start? Find a favorite character empowering but can’t imagine their look translating into “business casual”? Just don’t have the time to browse and shop for the perfect outfit yourself? I can help!


  • Basic Character Profile: I will write up suggestions for how to achieve a given character’s look.
  • Deluxe Character Profile: The profile will be personalized to you and your event.
  • Basic Shop: The profile will include links to real world suggestions of where to shop the look. You may provide a basic idea of size and budget.
  • Deluxe Shop: All links and suggestions will be tailored to your specific requests for size, budget, timeline, age group, and any special considerations.
  • Event Upgrade: I will include suggestions for event related details, such as invitations, customs, directions to guests, party favors, flower pairings, etc. Birthday, Prom, Wedding, Gala, Con, let me help!
  • Consultation: How can I help you?

I am happy to work with individuals, couples, and groups. I will help you put together looks for everyday wear, conventions, or special occasions. I can provide ideas for all ages, and even pets!

You may order your profile HERE. If you have questions or want something more involved, please contact me to discuss: anika@manicpixiedust.com

About Me

I have been blogging about fashion and costuming from a ‘geek’ perspective for over a decade, including fandom fashion tips. Browse additional projects below.

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