Belle Fashion Primer

Belle and her iconic costumes are beloved. My personal favourite version is found on Once Upon a Time (Emilie de Ravin), for which I put together this collage a few years ago:

The series’s Belle wears fit and flare minidresses, booties and cloche hats, cute patterns and peplum tops, all of which is very much my style already. And all of which is also true to the Belle of the animated film and its adaptations.


Belle wears a number of simpler outfits, in blue and white, green, and rose, but her most iconic look is gold.

Mod Cloth | Lulus


The original fairy tale was written in 1740 and film clues agree the story is set in the latter part of the 18th century. French court dress was elaborate, overemphasizing the waist. Look for high waists, wide pant legs, and skirts with a lot of volume.

Sailor Pant | Gold Skirt

Or, as mentioned above, a fit and flare or bell cut can achieve the same effect. Pay mind to fit and tailoring, Belle would!


First and foremost, Belle loves books and stories.

Adventure | Boys

Book Socks | Bookworm Socks

Mirrors and roses are also integral to her story.

Rose Necklace | Library Necklace | Hand Mirror Necklace |Rose Bracelet

Belle is a fully developed heroine with clear and explicit interests, hobbies, desires and goals. She dresses the way she does anything: with deliberation.

Navy Top | Rose Cardigan | Cloud Sweater
Yellow Top | Rose Top | White Blouse

You can dress in Belle’s style with nods to blue and gold, roses and books, soft romanticism and confident tailoring.

Anika in the style of Belle, October, 2018

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