Red Riding Hood Fashion Primer

How to dress in the style of Little Red Riding Hood using clothes you already own.

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the easier characters to stealth cosplay. All you really need is something red and hooded.

At $350 this one by Burberry is high end, but a respectable red hoodie could be found basically anywhere. But you don’t have to go the obvious route to achieve a look inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.


Her core is red, obviously, and black and white. Ruby (Meghan Ory) on Once Upon a Time never wore a hood in Storybrooke but stuck to the classic color palette.

Lulus | ASOS Curve

Beyond these basics you can throw in some pink, which is a shade of red and references both her flowers and her youth, green, for the forest, or brown, to indicate the wolf.


A hooded cloak on a young girl provides an A-line silhouette. Another option would be the cowl of her cape pooling at her shoulders.

Mod Cloth | Neiman Marcus | Forever 21

You can mimic both of these by adding volume to your profile at your neck, sleeves, or waist.

Neiman Marcus | Lulus


Finally, you can reference Little Red’s story by adding wolf imagery. Jewelry can be added to any outfit and Etsy has hundreds of options. Here are three of my favorites:

Wolf Figure | Wolf Paw | Wolf Cutout

Or you can look for a wolf t-shirt, sweater, socks, gloves, hat, bag, anything goes!

T-Shirt | Gloves

As with any fandom fashion look — find your own style and embrace it!

Links are provided as examples, not endorsements.

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