Cinderella Fashion Primer

There is one surefire way to invoke Cinderella no matter what you are wearing.

Cinderella (Disney, 1950)

Glass slippers!

The glass slipper market is wide and varied. You can’t wear anything actually made of glass, but you can get a luxury transparent pump for upwards of $1200.

Dolce & Gabbana | Christian Louboutin

But until my fairy godmother sends them to me, here are some alternatives for under $100.

Jessica Simpson| Disney @ Hot Topic | Jeffrey Campbell

For a little extra princess-fun these have the added heart or butterfly detail.

Butterfly @ Party Bell | Butterfly @ Amazon
Butterfly @ Halloween Costumes | Heart by J. Reneé


Jeffrey Campbell | Forever 21

Flats make it easier to run away – or walk around Disneyland!

Forever 21 | Jeffrey Campbell

Also available for littler princesses.

Melissa | Disney (Light Up!) | Mini Melissa (Toddler)

If you are worried about wearing clear and/or plastic shoes, you can achieve a similar effect with silver and crystals.


And for the most practical princesses of all, a running shoe.

Land’s End | Sketchers


With the popularity of the Disney Princess line, Cinderella is often associated with blue (despite her dress actually being white in the original animated film).


Stick with blues, white and silver, and pastels of purple, pink, and yellow – she wears soft colors even outside her ball gown.

There is also the variant of gold slippers in place of glass.


Cinderella has two distinctive silhouettes, the tattered and torn servant girl and the magical princess, and both are relatively easy to mimic.

Prism Sweater | Fairy Chiffon Skirt

Any distressed element or elements – even jeans! – will sell the pre-transformation “cinder” look. Check your closet or the local secondhand, think vintage and bohemian.

Mod Cloth | Morning Lavender | ASOS | Amazon

And for post-transformation all you really need is a tulle skirt.


In addition to the aforementioned glass slippers, Cinderella is linked to ash, pumpkins, midnight, and butterflies (as a symbol of transformation).

Glass Slipper Necklace| Pumpkin Ring| Butterfly Necklace
Butterfly Earrings | Midnight Earrings

Shadow | Glitter

A smokey eye hints at Cinderella’s fireside existence and a little glitter carries over the magic. As always, think on why you want to embody Cinderella, explore what draws you to the character and her look, and have fun!

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  1. for the shoes, i guess silver/pewter ones could work too. when i was in 5th or 6th grade they took us to the high school to see their production of cinderella & the actress had silver/pewter jelly style shoes.

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