Pixie Vids

I made my first fanvid twenty years ago for a sociology class about feminist media. It was titled “The Quest for Strong Female Characters in Animation” and included clips from some 30 titles, mainly Disney and anime. I took over my brother’s computer, imported everything from the DVD/VCR through a camcorder, and worked on it my entire Spring break. I even dubbed my own voice over footage of Evangelion‘s Asuka for the introduction. My classmates were unimpressed – animated media just wasn’t feminist enough for them – but I was really proud of it, and became hooked on vidding.

Commission a Vid!

  • Shortform (up to 30 seconds): $25
  • Longform (1:30 or above): $50
  • Series Bonus (applied for requests with over 10 hours of footage): $25


  • Requests can be specific or general.
  • Options include character(s), relationship(s), theme, prompt.
  • You may choose a song or suggest a style.
  • Crossover requests are welcome.
  • Remix requests (vid your fanfic) are welcome.
  • My List of Available Fandoms
  • How the series bonus works:
    • a request for “Star Wars” or “Star Wars: Rebels” requires the series bonus but a request for “Star Wars OT” or “TCW Mandalore Arc” does not


To commission a vid on Ko-Fi. If you have questions or want something more involved, please contact me to discuss: anika@manicpixiedust.com