Pixie Recaps Voyager

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Season One
Caretaker Part One: Lost in space
Caretaker Part Two: Janeway is a meddling meddler but that’s why we love her
Parallax: Pilot part 3, B’Elanna’s story
Time and Again: It never happened
Phage: Neelix is worst, Kes is best
The Cloud: Character is so much more important than plot on this show.
Eye of the Needle: Probably should have listened to Tuvok
Ex Post Facto: the rape culture episode no one asked for
Emanations: Harry Kim’s first death
Prime Factors: Everybody is so conflicted (except Seska)
State of Flux: If this was a Cardassian ship we’d be home now
Heroes and Demons: The Doctor’s best day ever (so far)
Cathexis: Another day, another nebula (is everything a metaphor?)
Faces: Two B’Elannas are better than one anyone else
Jetrel: Does a tragic backstory make Neelix more lovable?
Learning Curve: Fever if you live and learn, what a lovely way to burn



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