Costober 2020 Day 26: Capitalism

Welcome to the end! The final week of Costober 2020 and the final theme: Monsters. I’m starting with the worst monster of all, Capitalism.

About the Look

I’m not an economist and I’m not going to get into a debate about economics. Here’s some posts about it: Income inequality happens by design. We don’t have capitalism now anyway. Capitalism creates and sustains income inequality. Covid and the nature of Capitalism. Service workers are people actually.

My position is: Money isn’t real.

I don’t want to own my own business. I don’t want to be my own boss. I’m not trying to be an influencer. I want to help people and build community but I can’t afford to. I don’t believe in the “self-made man“. The phrase “intellectual property” makes me angry. So do conversations about “productivity” and “free time“. When politicians talk about the prohibitive costs of universal healthcare or education reform or most especially climate change I lose my mind. Debt isn’t real! The planet that we all live on is real.

I’m stuck in this society so I have a job (two!) and I own things and I pay bills and I accrue debt and I end these posts with the option to pay me. But Capitalism is a monster and it will devour us all.

About My Look

The shirt is sold by the You’re Wrong About podcast. I’m wearing ear buds that came with the iPhone I’m still paying off— it is a Red product, though. The jacket was purchased secondhand, the fingerless gloves were lost in my office.

I took photos on my way home from work. I work outside my home three of my six work days. This mask was provided by my employer. They also provide me weekly Covid testing. I am better off than most of the country.

The plush ankylosaurus was built by my daughter at T-Rex in Orlando, FL. It’s named “Krash Kan” after Disney’s famous trash cans. I’m posing with Krash because I recently rewatched the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. All the Jurassic films are partially about the dangers of capitalism, but Fallen Kingdom has an entire subplot devoted to, literally, eating the rich. It is my favorite Jurassic film, sorry not sorry.

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