Costober 2020 Day 6: Hackers

New day, new theme! Today’s look is inspired by the titular vigilante hackers in the 1995 film.

About the Look

My first webpage was hosted on geocities and I created it in a computer lab at school. It’s hard to comprehend now that we all carry the internet in our pockets, and especially while everything ever is online due to the pandemic, but in the nineties the internet was still much more of a concept than a tool. Similarly, Hackers has a plot, but it’s not the point.

The point of Hackers is the subculture. Its hackers are simultaneously nerds and punks. Their world is dark & scary and bright & playful all at the same time. They spend their time, and their intelligence and creativity, playing pranks and competing in video games . . . and then also they end up saving the world from the evil corporate overlord using them as a scapegoat. Two of the elite hackers use their signal-jacking skills to beam their web series onto television and rollerblading is everyone’s transportation of choice. It’s ridiculous and it’s glorious.

And underneath all that, it takes a stand against the coalition of business, government, and law enforcement that threatens their free information and free expression.

About My Look

I went to multiple Savers and Good Will stores multiple times to try and build Angelina Jolie’s Kate aka Acid Burn. I was mainly looking for the all white denim outfit she wears in promo pictures, or the baseball tee she wears for the ultimate battle. I found this white and gold jacket that resembles the kimono dress Kate wears for the final scene, but in white like her promo outfit. I really liked the idea of a hybrid between the two so I purchased it to build around.

However, I couldn’t find any white cargo pants or boot cut jeans in time. So I dug into my closet, and my daughter’s closet, and put together this outfit that is part Kate, part Razor and Blade— and kinda part David Bowie and/or Annie Lennox and maybe a little Cher in Clueless but none of that’s really a bad thing. In any case, it definitely reflects the nineties.

The Japanese Jurassic Park top was originally from Forever 21.

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