Costober 2021

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Costober 2021 begins October 1! This year there is one overarching theme for the month: Variants. Read on to learn more.

Throughout October, this page will be updated daily with new looks, links, and information.

Costober 2021

  1. Lilly Rush (Cold Case)
  2. The Little Mermaid
  3. Persephone, goddess of Spring
  4. Persephone, Queen of the Dead
  5. Steve Burns
  6. Number One
  7. Dom Toretto
  8. Sylvie
  9. Seska
  10. Velma Kelly
  11. Kara Thrace
  12. Jaina Solo
  13. Barbie
  14. The Multiverse
  15. Lois Lane
  16. Hermione Granger
  17. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  18. Carol Marcus, the daughter
  19. Carol Marcus, the mother
  20. Grogu
  21. Lyanna Mormont
  22. Princess Sorsha
  23. Christopher Robin
  24. R2-D2
  25. The Onceler (Grey)
  26. The Onceler (Green)

Costober is an annual event where I create thirty-one distinct looks in the style of characters from a variety of fandoms. These “stealth cosplay” looks evoke some combination of the character’s design, attitude, and traits. They are created with off-the-rack clothing and accessories, cosmetics, and props. I wear these looks to pursue my regular day-to-day activities. Enjoy!

Costober 2021 begins October 1 and runs through Halloween.

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