Costober 2023

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The theme for Costober 2023 is THRIFT. This has a couple meanings. For a few years I’ve made a point to purchase the bulk of my Costober looks secondhand. In fact, I try to purchase everything secondhand. It’s better for the environment and thrifting is fun. In particular it’s fun to wander through a store imagining what character or concept each item may invoke. This mindset leads to me picking up bits and pieces of everyday cosplay throughout the year, plenty that languish unused. That plus seven (!) years of Costober means I have a VAULT of clothes to share that are in good to great condition. Thus I am (finally!) opening my own online thrift store of curated closet cosplay fashions.

This Costober you can look forward to posts about my outlook and my process and the launch of Pixie Thrift!

Throughout October, this page will be updated daily with new looks, links, and information.

Costober 2023

  1. Yvette Picard
  2. Spring
  3. Summer
  4. Fall
  5. Winter
  6. (Anti) Capitalism
  7. 🎃
  8. Death
  9. The Universe
  10. Pinkie Pie
  11. BB-8
  12. Norma Rae
  13. Space
  14. Winter Soldier
  15. Earth
  16. Fire
  17. Water
  18. Air
  19. Marie Curie (1900s)
  20. Ann Darrow (1920s)
  21. Snow White (1930s)
  22. 🎃
  23. Beth Harmon (1960s)
  24. Han Solo (1970s)
  25. Beverly Crusher (1980s)
  26. Cersei Lannister
  27. 🎃
  28. 🎃
  29. Soot Sprite
  30. Sakura Minamoto aka Number One
  1. Coco

Costober is an annual event where I create thirty-one distinct looks in the style of characters from a variety of fandoms. These “stealth cosplay” looks evoke some combination of the character’s design, attitude, and traits. They are created with off-the-rack clothing and accessories, cosmetics, and props. I wear these looks to pursue my regular day-to-day activities. Enjoy!

Costober 2023 begins October 2 and runs through Día de Muertos.

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