Deanna Fashion Project: Cray Cray Context

Brown Housecoat (Genesis)

What. Even.

The context is that Troi (and the rest of the crew) are devolving, and thus Deanna is sensitive to light and ends up in a bathtub (this episode is bizarro and there is little to no science in its fiction) and I guess this is her “comfort wear” but I honestly want to know why Deanna Troi would EVER.

I really have trouble believing she even owns a coffee-with-cream coloured pajama set, let alone that she would wear it in public. 

Dragon Lady (Man of the People)

And then there’s this Capital-L-Look. Which ALSO has cray context – an alien is sapping Deanna’s youth and vitality and she turns into a psychotic jealous vixen who ages rapidly – but that is no excuse for this skin tight see thru lace dress with a boob window.

Riker’s Are you for really wearing that tho? face says it all.

No but seriously.

But as off-brand as this is for Deanna — it’s wholly reminiscent of her mother.

And I love that idea: Deanna turning into her mom when she is suddenly and inexplicably older and she needs to demand attention! That is using clothing to enhance the story and the characterization and I love it!!!!

[Plus: give me ALL the post-Nemesis Deanna moves from Maiden to Mother and Lwaxana moves from Mother to Crone-but-still-sexy-Grandma (and she is So Excited about it) headcanons and/or fashion sets MY GOD. Will and Deanna raising their own little one half on-board ship and half on Betazed where Lwaxana built that baby his/her own palace you KNOW IT.]

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