Deanna Fashion Project: Starfleet Uniform

Starfleet Uniform (Chain of Command on)

It took an authoritarian outsider to get Deanna into a uniform, but she kept it up after the dictatorial Jellico left.

I love that Deanna doesn’t always wear a uniform on duty. It’s an interesting character choice both for Deanna and for Picard. But it did create the illusion that she did not have as much authority or gravity as the rest of the bridge crew. As did Beverly’s medical jacket. The two main women in the cast are coded as ‘specialists’ outside the command structure. Beverly holds the same rank as Riker throughout the series while Troi is just one grade lower, but they both fall under the medical umbrella. Even in uniform they are the only ones in the main cast who wear blue.

So while I love the layered characterization wearing something else gives Deanna, I appreciate the authority and legitimacy the uniform affords. 

And frankly, I think these uniforms look better on Deanna than they do on anyone.

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