Disney Diary: Disneybound

Everyday Cosplay is a way of life for me, so of course I am going to disneybound all day every day while at the parks!

My Disneybound Plans


This is a travel day. We’re staying in an offsite hotel for the first two days, but have dinner reservations at the restaurant Toledo at the Coronado Springs resort. I’m keeping my outfit simple for comfort and ease. It’s based around my Coco-inspired Mouse Ears, a birthday gift from my children when we visited EPCOT in late 2018. They are colorful and match the aesthetic of the restaurant and resort. I’m pairing them with a Trans Rights t-shirt I purchased on Etsy. I find fashion an excellent way to be political and vacation a perfectly acceptable time to make a statement.


Sunday I will be heading to the Magic Kingdom and we’ll be having dinner at Be Our Guest. Therefore, I’ve chosen to disneybound Belle. I decided on her “Comfy Princess” look from Ralph Breaks the Internet, as it is sleeveless and, of course, comfy! I found a replica t-shirt and bow on Etsy, and got the gold leggings at a dance store.

I also got a Belle themed facemask to wear indoors.

Monday and Tuesday

This is the main attraction, the galactic starcruiser and trip to Batuu. Costumes are encouraged as part of the immersion. I designed an outfit based on the Battle Handmaiden outfit worn by Padmé and her peers during the Battle for Naboo at the end of The Phantom Menace. Whenever the topic of “dream Star Wars” project comes up online I pitch my Handmaidens series for Disney+. I describe it as Gossip Girl meets Black Widow so I wanted to hint at that with my outfit as well. So I commissioned a Battle Handmaiden recreation of Yelena Belova’s vest. I have two different skirts to match, two pairs of shoes, arms wraps, a hooded jacket-cape and a matching facemask to complete the look.

a preview of my Padmé possibilities

I have back-up Star Wars bounds (of course I do) so I’m considering changing for dinner/evening activities. I also have a nightgown to sleep in based on Padmé’s pearled nightdress worn on the first balcony scenes in Revenge of the Sith. I take the immersion very seriously!


Wednesday we head to EPCOT. Our dinner that evening is at Biergarten in Germany so I chose Snow White as my final park disneybound. I’ve done her at WDW before, she’s the first Disney Princess and a fun, iconic outfit. I got everything secondhand on Poshmark: a yellow skirt, red camisole, and royal blue blouse. And I found a Food and Wine themed facemask that was too delightful to pass up.

Thursday Plus

Thursday I travel back to the real world. My companions are staying later and will be heading to the parks but I will have a few hours free to roam. I haven’t entirely decided on what to wear. We’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge (something else I absolutely cannot afford without friends) so I considered a Lion King or Zootopia bound. I have an Ariel that I absolutely love but it includes a pullover that is not really compatible with Florida in August. I could visit the pool in my Wednesday Addams swimsuit. We shall see.

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So those are my Disneybound plans! After my trip will come my traditional Everyday Cosplay posts with photos, links, and factoids for each look. Follow my instagram for photos and stories in real time. Later this week I’m posting about packing and more on my Star Wars story. Reviews and post trip notes will come after I return.

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