Jadzia Fashion Project: Darlene

Fashion-wise, “Far Beyond the Stars” is so good it doesn’t seem fair. I love everything that everyone wears and especially “Darlene”.

Grey (Far Beyond the Stars)

This dress is a depressingly drab color but I love the lines and those buttons!! I am seriously in love with the buttons.

And her hair. I would wear my hair that way every day if I could.

Rose (Far Beyond the Stars)

This is all we get for this one and it leaves me wanting more. It’s in Jadzia’s favourite color scheme and I am at least 80% sure the skirt is maroon – mainly based on that amazing cuff. How amazing is that cuff?! I love it and need to see it all. 

Red (Far Beyond the Stars)

If it’s not clear: I love this period of dress, I love this episode, I love this meta-Jadzia. She has like four lines but her personality shines through. I mean, look at these adorable expressions. Terry is working every moment she gets. 

And the dress says a lot. Here the others are all in brown and black and off-white, they blend in with the structure and the filing. Jadzia (Darlene) is in that brilliant red, as bright as the posters and drawings behind her and the books on the table in front – bright like the fiction of Incredible Tales. Which in the larger tale of the series is these characters reality, Deep Space Nine. And then one step further, in audience’s reality it represents the hope that is at the heart of all the best Star Trek stories. Jadzia in her red dress, introduced reading the story, is all of us watching. 

If you think I’m overanalyzing, here’s the dialogue:

DARLENE: It’s just it’s the best thing I’ve read since The Puppet Masters. I read a lot of science fiction.
HERBERT: Bless you, my child.
KAY: The world needs more people like you. 

More people to read (watch) science fiction, but also more people to believe it’s all possible. 

Kasidy Yates also wears a red dress both in the vision and on the station so it’s a theme and someday I will write up the whole episode from a costuming point of view. But for now I’ll leave it that meta-Jadzia’s red with red accents and pearls is my absolute favorite. 

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